Talk About It

Tuesday’s back and the talking will begin!

Last week’s topic was about Beauty with a price, and what y’all were doing to be priceless and not … broke.

I got a tip from the hardworking team at BeautyPress “and scan the kitchen cabinets for ingredients to create fresh, homemade, and even organic beauty solutions” that started me thinking about the next week’s, or rather, this week Talk It Out topic.

Beyond using products for double duty, do you use natural ingredients, or other supplies around the house to aid in you cheap chic lifestyle? Remember – some of these aren’t just cost effective, the all natural ingredients are also kinder to your skin and body – you can even eat the leftovers on occasion!

There are plenty of options out there too:
-making scrubs with brown sugar
-using oil as makeup remover
-using honey on your lips
-baking soda as teeth whitening
-bananas for wrinkle treatments
-cucumbers for eyes
-various fruity/veggie masks
-epsom salt to exfoliate
-petroleum jelly as lip balm

Want some more tips? Check out some of these sites:
Free Beauty Tips & All Natural Beauty

What have you heard of? What do you do?

4 thoughts on “Talk About It”

  1. yup bananas, oatmeal, honey, aspirin masks.. so much, but i'm a product junkie! so i like to go in the store and hope the claims on the bottle will do more than i can at home. i'm about to start at home with some fixes though!


  2. I love this! See, people think I'm a product junkie but I'm really not. I looove multi-purpose products. Olive oil is used in the kitchen, on my face and my hair. Oh, and lips. Don't even get me started on honey and sugar. Giiiirl…


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