MC Harem Pants

No that’s not a typo. MC Harem Pants!!

I’m always loved Harem pants, but instead of fully embracing the trend, I casually dip my nonjudgmental toes in the water as everyone dives right in.

I don’t believe you should ever immerse yourself in a trend you are not confident with. It will show – and you will look like a legitimate fool (legitimate b/c even your crazy behind will agree to such a verdict)!

So as I embark on an online window shopping adventure, to find something that’s more daring that what I have but not as foolish as Mr.Hammer… I leave you with double the inspiration for my current brave obsession.

and part deux

…But if I stumble… you won’t judge me, now will ya? 🙂

3 thoughts on “MC Harem Pants”

  1. haha, mc hammer. I've seen only 3 people in the real world try to pull it off and they unfortunately didn't. oh dear, it was a hot mess. so I'm not too convinced. I don't know, I wanted to try them, but my baby weight would not allow it! haha, my love handles in hammer pants. not hot. and now from what I've been reading in magazines they're 2 seasons ago? I can't keep up girl!


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