Eye Eye Eye

Are y’all loving my cornball uses of words? Trust me when I say this is just the beginning!

This past weekend, to celebrate the Fourth of July, I spent my weekend relaxing in a quiet area, far from the busy NYC streets. And though I had time to witness, curse, and ultimately suffer a million and six mosquito attacks and the injuries that come after, what really caught my attention was something else. My dark circles. Not the polka dots on the shirt, and not the fireworks in the sky. My raccoon looking eyes.

It might’ve been the lighting y’all. It might’ve been my imagination. It might’ve been not enough sleep that night. Regardless, I was standing looking at that mirror like it slapped me in the face. Unkind.

But let’s investigate counselors:

[from Redbook.com]

What Causes Your Under-Eye Circles?

Any or all of the following components can result in under-eye circles, says David E. Bank, a dermatologist in Mt. Kisco, NY (and my personal laser-wielding circle-zapper).

1. Increased melanin. The surface of the skin can become darkened (with a brown hue) due either to sun damage or to genetic predisposition.

2. Dilated blood vessels. A bluish hue underneath the eyes indicates that the vessels there have visibly widened to accommodate increased blood flow. Vasodilators include alcohol, lack of sleep, estrogen, and sun damage (wearing SPF helps!).

3. Thinning of the skin. The reason you can see those vessels so well is that the skin under the eyes is very thin and can become thinner due to — what else? — sun damage!

4. Puffiness. Under-eye fat pads and water retention can create shadows.

check out Redbook.com for product suggestions to brighten your under-eye areas

So now as I head out to research serums, creams, and miracle cures, along with possibly a new sleeping regime (or trying a new sleeping regime), I want to hear it from you.

What trick (or treat) did Mother Nature catch you up with?

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