Nailed at Sephora

This post is totally PG rated y’all. Don’t panic!

Sephora is having an event in NY.

Check out the times from Beauty and the Blog.

I went yesterday (don’t even get me started on the difficulties of posting) and got my nails done in Hi-Def. My nails were done by the wonderful lady in the peach colored shirt ducking in the picture. She was shy 🙂

The cute little event on 150 Broadway. I called in the morning to book and appointment and was told the event was only walk-in and then came in only to find out the appointments were first priority and I can go in between spots… But anyway…

Hi-Def made me think of this candy case. 🙂

Watcha think?

What color are you rocking?

9 thoughts on “Nailed at Sephora”

  1. @kitty – i only heard about this by accident too

    @redz2486 – thanks! they're def wish list worth

    @verina – don't eat me nails! 🙂

    @miumiu – aw! but you guys have so many other diverse companies that the US doesn't dream of having! let me know if you're looking for anything!

    @rai – thanks! 🙂

    @yummy411 – gracias! brights are always my faves but I've been switching it up a lot more often and keeping nails rarely bare in between lately

    @B – I hear ya … they need to head to transdesign or something


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