Celebrity Collabo

There comes a time when being a Jack or Jane of all trades appeals to a person. When the call of creativity beckons so loudly, that no earmuff or headphone can block it out. It’s an occasional Obsession that takes over, and sometimes totally switches up your habits and work times and lifestyle to be polygamous to tasks rather than monogamous

What the hell am I talking about? 🙂

When an athlete wants to become a performer, or an actor, or a designer, OR all of the above!

Enter: Alanis Morisette & Woody Harrelson.

Introduce: Reco jeans.

They are introducing the first batch of the recycled denim as a Dutch auction. Check out the details at Nylon Mag online here to hear the rest of the details & images.

Reco Jeans is being made available to the public for whatever price they are willing to pay, and they will use this information to put out the next collection…

I’m not too impressed with the image… but this is only judging by the cover.

Do you like that this type of auction is having you choose and using that as their marketing research?

Photo Credit: Craig NJ, Hometown Hollywood, NylonMag & Reco Jeans

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