Kermit made me

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been busy like a bee working out the deets for the NY Fashion Blogger get together (tell all your NY metro area friends!)

I still want to hear what y’all have to say.

This week’s Talk It Out Topic? What do you do to be more green?

I know that some people haven’t been hit with the “must preserve Mother Earth” bug, but being green is beneficial to each individual as well, being that you remove harmful chemicals and all sorts of other buggers out of the equation.

The top thing I can think of?

3 free nail polishes [as in they don’t contain any of the following infamous musketeers: DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde]. They are popping up everywhere now, so you can’t say green ain’t pretty. What are they? Check it out: Esther’s Nail Center.

Plus! Plenty of companies have taken on the green initiative. From Tarte Cosmetics, to MAC & Stila having earth friendly packaging a la shadow pans as well as MAC‘s Back 2 MAC.

So what’s the Kermit effect doing to you?

2 thoughts on “Kermit made me”

  1. I unfortunately haven't done much for going green.

    I am one of those people who don't even look at what chemicals are in makeup. =/
    Parabens are bad, that I know.


  2. hmmm
    in my case, i try to not use aerosol sprays…
    even if some says that their earth friendly, but i still don't want to contribute anything at all..

    & of course…
    an eco bag is my beat friend when i go shopping!
    a green one of course!


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