Yaya takes it to the beach!

So I admit. I haven’t been to the beach in the US since 2007. I go to the beach whenever I’m on vacay – but realistically, that’s the whole point of the vacay to begin with.

But I can’t hold out on y’all if it’s my own contest right?

[[ click here for inspiration ]]

Contest begins: July 1, 2009 – July 25, 2009 (tomorrow!)

Tomorrow is the last day to join the contest, and Sunday I will be posting up the entries. Remember the two rules for the contest: must be beach inspired, and cannot use black (only for mascara).

Here’s what I concocted for me-yaya-self.

My inspiration? The beach on one eye and the mermaids in the water on the other! My hair was a hot fuzzy mess so I poofed it out even more to look like a furry bubble. 🙂

fishy face & creative uses of the shower cap!

sunglasses for the bright sun and a little I’m a little teapot type dance 🙂


Products Used:

You got one and a half more days to enter… get going!

3 thoughts on “Yaya takes it to the beach!”

  1. lol. Looks like my hair via Monday after I washed it! hahaha.

    I loooooove that lipgloss.
    Seeing the shower cap made me laugh. Awesome makeup!!


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