So two days off from MOJ was enough y’all.

With 2009 well under way, this is definitely the year for things to happen and big things have been happening.

This is serving as an update post so that you know I haven’t been slackin!!

  1. Thanks so much to all the followers, readers, and subscribers. Your attention and support is never forgotten!
  2. The schedule for MOJ is changing effective immediately. This is because I have so much more content to post, and find that the schedule I have put into effect is a little limiting. The only series to stay are Misc Mondays, Talk It Out Tuesdays, and Magazine Weekend. I still plan to keep Reviews & Ladies n’ Gents of the Jury but that will be on a more random schedule. The Blog Review feature will no longer be on MOJ – occasionally I might put in a couple of links… but otherwise you will have to look to the ‘Shared Posts‘ on the left sidebar (I update it frequently!).
  3. Fast on the heels of a very successful Bloggin’ Beauts get together, I have started a separate blog to promote the past event and future upcoming events as well. Check it out when you get the chance – who knows? we might have a get together next time you’re in NY!
  4. There are big things coming for Miss Yaya. Big things in the plans and hard work. Selling Arbonne. Bloggin’ Beauts party planner. Featured/Guest editor. MUA gigs. and more… Stay tuned!
  5. The month of August will not be a contest. The month of August will be a month of giveaways! Get ready y’all – it is no joke!

  6. My Birthday is coming up in weekssss! Sept (23) y’all… so you know that month will be amazing as well.

So… stay tuned and let me know whenever you got somethin’ to say – my iPhone supports my e-mail habits!

2 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Can't wait for all the changes!
    I'm going to be doing the same with my blog.

    Oooh, I'm going to make a memo about your birthday! >.>


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