Nailed again!

Last time I admitted to getting nailed, it was at Sephora.

Well – this time I had the pleasure to make it out to the KO Knockout event at Henri Bendel. They were debutting new colors Concrete (gray) and Pool (turqouise), and had drinks, and manicurists at hand.


The craze now more than ever is matte polishes and KO Knockout is all about matte.


The colors left to right:
Concrete, Pool, Flatte, Liberty, Karen, Calamine
Ox, Liberty, Karen, Calamine, Powder, Pool


Fancy drinks. I have no idea what was in it, but it was pretty and good. 🙂

Photobucket Photobucket
My manicurist was a KO employee – Julia. she had Flatte on her own nails.


My polish of choice: OX


oooo! matches my shoes!

Since it’s matte, and curiosity killed the cat (and satisfaction brought it back) I just had to know what it was like with a clear top coat in a cream as well… Trust and believe it was the cat’s meow!


6 thoughts on “Nailed again!”

  1. ox looks nice! i ordered some ko polishes from their website awhile back (4 months ago) and just realized i never received them. i wonder if they are still gonna refund me. im going to e-mail them now. thanks for this post.


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