Essie + J. Crew

J.Crew seems to be doing fantastically (enjoy new words my friends) ever since they got the M.Obama endorsement. ‘What recession?’ must be the phrase of the company for this year. I say this with no animosity whatsoever.

I have always been a fan of J.Crew, though not always did I have the funds to prove as much. Going to outlets and checking out their sales was how Miss Yaya enjoyed them in high school.

As time passed, and credit card offers poured in, I can safely say there were times when I fell off the wagon and bought things for prices my thrifty and cost-conscious self would balk at. That’s not the point though is it? The point was that J.Crew is a fab store/brand. And now they have a collabo with another fab brand. Essie.

I’m here to tantalize y’all with two new colors for Essie that J.Crew has created.

The colors:
One of Kind (not a typo)


Eternal Optimist

They are $8.00 each and are available in limited stores.

Fancy buying yourself one? Click here madear!

3 thoughts on “Essie + J. Crew”

  1. oooh! I am DEFINITELY going to get “eternal optimist” – I like the color, the phrase, and the mentality. Nice discovery – I had totally missed any info on these.

    Honestly, it looks just like Mademoiselle from Essie – which looks like Bubble Bath from OPI (which I currently use). But it seems to have more pink. I need that extra punch of pink, as bubble bath turns a bit “blah” after a day or so. Me likey the polish!



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