Experimenting with Nails

MOJ Nail PolishStarting around August I divulged a lot about my unnecessary nail polish shopping sprees. To this day, I am still experimenting with the new additions to my collections. I have hopes and dreams to franken my own colors, but so far I have just been swatching and sometimes mixing with top coats. I have also been indulging in super old polishes.

What may I be talking about? Does anyone remember Victoria’s Secret polishes that came in wide bottles that resembled pebbles a bit? No? I remember not only did I have these buggers, but I was even around to buy my favorite bottle of gold flecks on clearance when they wiped their collection clean of this version.

Here’s what my new favorite Essie color (Chinchilly) looks like:

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

Check out after the jump for the deets of my experiment!

I was overjoyed because my polish perfectly matched my handbag:

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

MOJ Nail Polish

MOJ Nail Polish MOJ Nail Polish

Photos: Left with no flash, Right with flash

I’m loving this mix of colors. The color is more true to life in the pictures without flash but in sunlight is a bit lighter.

Like it? Have you experimented with colors? Let me know!

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Some Random NOTDs

Hey y’all. I spent the weekend trying to clean up my photo cache as well as post drafts, and I can tell you I’ve really been holding out on you!

As always – my attempts are to stick to a two a day posting schedule, but we’ll see how that goes.

Check out my NOTDs from the past that I forgot to post in a timely fashion, and let me know which colors and/or companies your nails have been itchin’ to wear!

Photobucket Photobucket
OPI Suede Ink on left Illamasqua in Lament on right

Photobucket Photobucket
ORLY in Enchanted Forest with China Glaze Matte Magic top coat on right

Photobucket Photobucket
Essie in Mesmerize with China Glaze Matte Magic top coat on right
sorry for the mess of an application!

Photobucket Photobucket
Color Club in Revvolution no flash on left and with flash on right

Which one is your fave?

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Fall Makeup for 2009

PhotobucketIn the midst of all this Fashion Week madness, one can’t deny the change in the air. The streets aren’t as warm anymore, there are more sleeved fashions paraded about town, and scarves are coming out.

To me, scarves are the epitome of Fall and colder weather in general. When scarves came out as a trend for summer as well, you could find me looking all bewildered at everyone and their momma because it didn’t make sense. Scarves are an accessory with both an aesthetic and physical function. It serves as a great neckpiece, converts great into a shawl, or even a bow tie, but it also has the potential to keep you warm.

Something else to usher in the fall? Makeup! Now, I’ve briefly covered trends for the fall, and will definitely revisit the topic, but I’d like to share what some companies are ushering in for the new season. As we all know – seasons come with different colors, and wearing neons and bronzer may not be the most appropriate look for when the thermometer starts to dip.

Check out some of the other new products for fall in makeup and nails below. These include great ones from fan (and my) favorites from Too Faced, Stila, Benefit, Smashbox, Korres, etc.!


Anything you’re falling for? 🙂

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Essie does it again!

Remember not too long ago when I was praising Essie & J. Crew? Well clearly they (Essie that is) haven’t hit the breaks yet.

They also have a collection in cahoots with jewelry designer Judith Ripka called Essie Loves Diamonds. Know why? Because every polish in this collection is infused with diamond dust (everybody repeat after me: ooooooh).


The colors (left to right) are: Heart MY JR Jewels, Queen of Hearts, Put a Ripka Ring On It. $15 each.

I love the last color name. The polishes also have a twist – a little Willy Wonka themed search – inside each polish you may find a precious gemstone. The three up for possible finding: a diamond, an emerald, or a sapphire. If any of y’all find it – I want to know :).

Check out Essie & Judith Ripka by clicking on their names!

Essie + J. Crew

J.Crew seems to be doing fantastically (enjoy new words my friends) ever since they got the M.Obama endorsement. ‘What recession?’ must be the phrase of the company for this year. I say this with no animosity whatsoever.

I have always been a fan of J.Crew, though not always did I have the funds to prove as much. Going to outlets and checking out their sales was how Miss Yaya enjoyed them in high school.

As time passed, and credit card offers poured in, I can safely say there were times when I fell off the wagon and bought things for prices my thrifty and cost-conscious self would balk at. That’s not the point though is it? The point was that J.Crew is a fab store/brand. And now they have a collabo with another fab brand. Essie.

I’m here to tantalize y’all with two new colors for Essie that J.Crew has created.

The colors:
One of Kind (not a typo)


Eternal Optimist

They are $8.00 each and are available in limited stores.

Fancy buying yourself one? Click here madear!