Talk It Out – Get It From Your Momma


Hey readers!

We haven’t talked it out in a whole week, and I’ve been itching to know this one thing. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in addition – plenty people say she gets it from her momma!

There are a million occasions throughout the day in which I find myself mimicking my mother or other people in my fam. We’re all crazy mind you. But I love it. Miss Yaya wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t for the fam.

My mom taught me to stay sunny but to keep my behind out of the sun. Thanks to her, I have never come back from the beach or any vacation with my skin burnt. She’s the one who let me know that Olive Oil is my friend and that my hair requires some deep deep lovin’ (or conditioning) once in a while. Momma always said to never go to sleep with my makeup on and to use as little makeup as possible/needed.

So bring your evidence forward and talk it out! What have you gotten from your momma? Or from someone else in your tree?

8 thoughts on “Talk It Out – Get It From Your Momma”

  1. Hey there (: Thanks for the comment. WHy don't you know what to do with it lol? I would love one xP

    Hmm and from my momma… I got the ability to get free stuff hehe she's pro at complaining at stores, restaraunts, etc. and gets free stuff xD


  2. @JP – trust me – after I had a moth infestation in my house I hate them too… well not scared of them though lol

    @AudreyAllure – my mom and I are always late – though I do try to trick myself into being early lol!

    @e.motion – my mom is STILL trying to teach me how to haggle… hmm I just walk away if I don't get the price I want lol

    @Onada – I hear that!


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