NOTD – What’s It Matte to Zoya?

Forgive my clever-tastic titles – I am full of ’em.

As promised, there will be short posts in between other ones to keep your eyes readin’!

Last week I let y’all know about Zoya having a Twitter promotional purchase. Three free polishes!

Being that I had my eye on so many, I had to get just one more.

Top row: Pinta, Harley
Bottom row: Posh, Loredana (mattes)


It took me a total of 30 minutes between entering my house, opening the package and giving myself a mani and I am nowhere near disappointed. How great does this matte color look?

Check out Zoya for wayyy more polish goodness & don’t forget to get it together and get with their twitter (tell them MyOwnJudge sent ya!), so that if you missed the last tweet-purchase, you won’t be indicted twice for the same crime! 🙂 Oh yeah, don’t forget the Zoya blog neither!

5 thoughts on “NOTD – What’s It Matte to Zoya?”

  1. @kanishk – thanks!

    @rai – it was three free polishes for 6.95 shipping – not too bad

    @kristen – i posted about KO polishes earlier too! i will check out your page 🙂


  2. I love love looooove how Posh looks on you. I'm in love with Zoya's mattes. They don't wear so well (what mattes do?) but the seriously look like Velvet on the nails. And Pinta is insaaane. Loves that and Harley. I used to rock the mess out of Harley at the beginning of this year. I love me some Zoya!


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