Magazine Weekend: Cosmopolitan August 09

Happy Sunday!!

Magazine Weekend continues with double the magazine in a day. I don’t know if y’all can or can’t handle it but I will ween you into it as I have turned into a magazine junkie.

The clip for the rest of today is from Cosmopolitan magazine for August 09. See? I’m definitely switching it up! The clip for today is less an article that I found and more of a quote that was most interesting to me regarding men and women. What could it have been? Keep scrolling madear!


Kind of makes sense now, right? How many times have you or a female you know noticed a hair out of place or a nail looking ‘off’? Now you know why!
The magazine has Miss Katy Perry on the cover and their repeating pages of flubbed dating attempts are always hilarious. Why haven’t you read this month’s copy yet?
Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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