Essie does it again!

Remember not too long ago when I was praising Essie & J. Crew? Well clearly they (Essie that is) haven’t hit the breaks yet.

They also have a collection in cahoots with jewelry designer Judith Ripka called Essie Loves Diamonds. Know why? Because every polish in this collection is infused with diamond dust (everybody repeat after me: ooooooh).


The colors (left to right) are: Heart MY JR Jewels, Queen of Hearts, Put a Ripka Ring On It. $15 each.

I love the last color name. The polishes also have a twist – a little Willy Wonka themed search – inside each polish you may find a precious gemstone. The three up for possible finding: a diamond, an emerald, or a sapphire. If any of y’all find it – I want to know :).

Check out Essie & Judith Ripka by clicking on their names!

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