New Giveaway – Party Like a Shop Star!

Sorry for the delay y’all!

The new giveaway is simple. The more people sign up to ‘Shop it To Me‘ – the more prizes there will be. One in every four people will get two items of their choice.

Click here or on the image to sign up and ‘read more’ for more details!

This is a funny kind of contest to have right? True.
Let me explain. My birthday is September 23. Yes – soon. 🙂

As I have previously posted about Shop it To Me, this is a great site that sends you a sales newsletter specified to your needs. You can set it up to show you sales on any brands you like for men, women, and children alike. Also – you can set the frequency of e-mails (I like to get mine every day) and the spending limit. Did I mention that the site was free?

The trick is that if you refer 10 people, you get a gift card. Thus the giveaway for the people that sign up! (Just in time for my birthday!) I have plenty of goodies to give away and so in exchange for y’all signing up to a great site, one in every four people that signs up will get to choose to products for themselves.

Which products? All products (with the exception of one) that I post about this week are in the giveaway. This will include: Nailene, Zoya, Tarte Cosmetics, Fing’rs, Urban Decay, etc.!

To enter, click on the link here or image and sign up. When you signed up and confirmed your account, leave a comment here letting me know you signed up and under what e-mail address.

That simple!

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