Barr + Barr Winner Announced!

Barr + Barr WinnerCongratulations Gertrude! Thank you to everyone who logged on to Facebook to enter the handbag giveaway! There will be more giveaways coming soon!

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Giveaway Time!

MyOwnJudge - Barr + Barr GiveawayBarr + Barr handbags are embarking on their second decade of producing quality handbags with handwoven details among many other standout features. Helen Barr, brand designer and owner uses her fine arts degrees to create memorable designs in both construction and aesthetics. The brand’s success and popularity earned them a spot on the Home Shopping Network’s (HSN) roster.

The brand has been kind enough to provide fans of MyOwnJudge a luxury handbag (retails for $279). Excited?!

To enter:
-‘Like’ MyOwnJudge on Facebook.
-‘Like’ Barr + Barr on Facebook.

Once you ‘Like’ both, leave a comment on the Barr + Barr page (in 20 words or less) saying why you should win. Anything from needing a new bag to match your makeover to being the perfect foray into luxury handbags!

EDIT: Because of Blogger’s refusal to post my giveaway on 3pm 5/20 as expected, the giveaway will end 5/28 – a day later. The winner will be announced after the weekend by Barr + Barr.

Good luck!

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Nailed by Facebook!

MyOwnJudge - Broadway Nails Facebook GiveawaysUse your Facebook wisely to win some Broadway Nails goodies. The best is the last day of course (where you win each day’s item), but don’t limit yourself, and enter till you win! It’s like the lottery, but cheaper!

Rules: This contest is open to fans of Broadway Nails Facebook page ( to U.S. Residents only. To enter, visit Broadway Nails Facebook page and click the “May Day Giveaway” link below our profile picture. Entry forms must be completed each day for each individual product and will reset at 10pm (EST) every night in May. Broadway Nails Facebook fans must return daily & re-enter to be eligible for each day’s featured prize. Once a participant wins a product from May 1st to May 30th (5/1 – 5/30) they will be excluded from winning until the grand prize on May 31st (5/31) where they can re-enter to win.

For more information please visit:

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One of a Kind Show

MyOwnJudgeThis weekend and last weekend, New York is home to the One of a Kind Show. A venue for creative minds and artists to come together and display their creations to collector’s and unique individuals alike. Last weekend, scheduling and mush for brains got in my way of reporting about the event much. I mixed up the times, had only fifteen minutes (out of four days – don’t ask me how I do it) to check out as much as possible, and no camera to do it with (although I brought the darn charger!). I vowed to come back better prepared this time around, with enough time for the readers to check it out themselves.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeFestive ornaments, bookmarks, paperweights, or just something pretty was available from Vilmain.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeThe most pleasing part of the event was the unity of all the presenters aesthetically. Regardless of what kind of craft was being showcased, everyone remained within white walls and hallways. It offered a very clean passageway from one precious item to the other, without wasting time or money on curtains, posters, etc. This also helped for the items to stand out and catch your attention (and to not get lost).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeJewelry and sculpture (though they can sometimes be synonymous) were the two prevalent types of products at the show, the first being what caught my eye the most. These pure stone rings by Anna Ruth Henriques were breathtaking. Not only are they skillfully made, but these are pure rock (minus the itty bitty spider). Different ones are made from different stones and retail for just a wee bit under a thousand (with a much cheaper price for show-goers of course).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeDoes the quote call for agreement or disagreement? The resting area featured couches and chalkboard walls, where vendors and visitors alike seemed to embrace their inner children (or artists).MyOwnJudgeI was tempted to take an easel or a print home, but I had to remind myself that until my living area is free of clutter, I have to refrain from big purchases – hopefully I’ll get it together by next year.MyOwnJudgeThere is a table for gift wrapping, being that the holidays are around the corner and there are so many innovative holiday gift items on sale. Check out the rest of the artists on the floor plan here.

There is a section to the show featuring all the sponsors of the event, including Susan G. Komen, ReadyMade Magazine, Etsy and others.
MyOwnJudgeYou can choose to purchase a card, or make a card, where all proceeds of the sale will go to benefit breast cancer research.MyOwnJudgeReadyMade offers creative tips on how to decorate your house and be green at the same time. They have three tree decorations that anyone can make (and I will attempt and place on YouTube shortly).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAnother sponsor was Sierra Mist. A favorite of mine because they quenched my thirst (and Rogue confections for keeping my belly full of chocolate).MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeAnother favorite was Pébéo. They had their porcelain paints available for people to create ornaments.MyOwnJudgeEveryone picked a heart and went to work, using brights and glitters to make their own unique ornament. Some designs were way fancier than mine, but I got a little sentimental and did a dedication to the Mister. The paint can be washed off if any errors are made, and when you feel ready, you have to first let the paint dry for a day or so and then bake it to secure the color. Voila! The paint will now be permanent.MyOwnJudgeMyOwnJudgeOnce dry, you can hang up your ornament to dry and come back to pick up, or wait.MyOwnJudge
These ornaments hanging to dry were my favorite. Made me think Betsey Johnson was in the building!

Now it’s your turn! Are you on the East coast? Can you make it to this show this Saturday or Sunday? (11/20-21)? If so, the first five to leave their e-mail address in the comment will get a free ticket to the show!

If not, do not fret, the show will make its rounds in Toronto, Vancouver, and Chicago as well. Check out the site for details.

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It’s My B-day, I’ll Giveaway a Shopbop Gift Card if I Want To!

Shopbop Giveaway
Hey y’all! Today is my birthday! I’m planning on having a dinner with family on Friday and party with friends on Saturday, but today – today is all about you! Today I’ll be starting off my $100 gift card giveaway. Shoot, I even made an image from scratch (minus the background). Are ya proud of me?!

The gift card will be perfect for back to school and goodbye summer/hello fall shopping. You can stock up on the back in trend flare jeans or the still trendy denim leggings. On a denim diet? Even denim brands like Paige Denim are fully stocked with non-denim items like cargo pants, skirts, and more.

If you need ideas for what your card will be buying up, check out the Shoptalk blog on for ideas and copy a look from their latest shoot!

To enter (only one entry per person):
1. Subscribe to (by RSS or e-mail subscription).
2. Leave a comment about what you would buy with the gift card (and the username you are subscribed under).

One (1) winner will be chosen on October 4, 2010. Good luck!

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Make it Work!

Tim Gunn Golden Rules

In honor of Tim Gunn‘s newly released book “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work,” is giving away 18 signed copies, one for each “Make it work!” moment.

The book has great tips that stretch beyond the reach of fashion, as well as some gossip and info from behind the scenes. From the snippets I read in magazines (children without manners and pushy manners, along with diva designers!) and on the website (check out the “see inside” section), Tim has much more to say than I expected!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment at the lifetime site – with your favorite Tim Gunn moment and they will be eligible to win!

Tim Gunn Golden Rules
Hope you win! If not, snag a copy!

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Giveaway Winners

I finally have the names y’all! I have all the packages ready so if you see your name, shoot me an e-mail at so I can send it out ASAP!

I have listed each day and the winners (and their submissions if applicable). Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for bigger and better things!

Day 1:
Tell me whether or not you have a resolution connected to nails.

  1. Esmeraldaa said… ohh my resolution is to find more colors besides the 3 pink colors that I’m so used to wearing. I also want to take better care of my nails meaning that i want to keep up with filing them and treating them .  

Day 2:
Leave me a message on the MyOwnJudge Facebook page telling me what holiday you celebrate this winter and what it means/stands for.

  1. Xiao-Ying Tien We celebrate X-mas and it means cheer and relaxation! 
  2. Niña Sagarbarria My family celebrates Christmas during the Holiday season. I see this celebration as a time for us to reflect on the past year and to bond over good food and company. 

Day 3:
Let me know what your secret method for lining your eyes is and you just may win! 

  1. STYLEEZTA said… I actually like lining my upper water line~! Looks scary but it makes my lashes look fuller
  2. Nelsby said… the best tip for eyeliners is to keep them in the fridge.
  3. ~tHiAmErE~ said… you might not believe it but i burn the end of my eyeliner to have that really dark look. I only do it when i am donning a very dark smokey look.It intensifies the color! I light it for like 3 secs…then cool it off then apply it. This is such a great tip!

Day 4:
Share your holiday traditions on Facebook.

  1. Lizzie Morris On Christmas morning me and my sisters always head straight to our stockings on the fireplace because my mom always places something special in there!
  2. Melissa Valmonte My mom makes me get up on a really tall ladder to risk my life for her Christmas decorations! Last year she won first prize from the HOA contest so I love how happy she gets for all her efforts 🙂 (and my risk taking)
  3. Jessica Stocker As a newlywed couple, we’re just now establishing our own traditions. It’s so fun! But one tradition I’ve carried with me from my Mom is to always have a gag gift mixed in. One of my favorites is from when I was a little girl… my Mom had me in on my Dad’s gag gift. We painted a rock to look like coal for his stocking. I was *so excited* for him to open his stocking and find it. I thought it was hilarious! Until I found a lump of “coal” in my stocking, too.
  4. Loraine Diaz We always open gifts in the morning then met at a family members home later on for dinner to share the day!

Day 5:
Guess the China Glaze color on Twitter. It was For Audrey! (I gave y’all a lead up with her name!)

  1. @ICSarojini
  2. @jconcep
  3. @dustywingsnhalo
  4. @BitterSweet1016
  5. @squarrell

Day 6:
What color L’Oreal H.I.P eyeshadow duo do you want to win and what would you rename it? Six lucky comments will win their choice pick!

  1. Nina said… My pick would be Platinum and I would rename it Steely Gaze!
  2. Parisky said… I like the “flamboyant” combo 🙂 I would it rename it as banana meets plum
  3. Kayla (detailoring) said… I would take the metallic duo “Gilded” and rename it “Karats and Sparkles and Shine, OH MY!”
  4. DG said…  I like Reckless and I would rename it Got Grape?

  5. chris said…  I would like gunmetal and rename it Artemis
  6. Niika said… I would pick ‘Showy’ and rename it ‘Caribbean Sea’

Day 7:
Tell me what you indulge in the most on Facebook.

  1. Marta Higginbotham chocolate and wine…
  2. Lilly Papers Chocolate and go shopping.
  3. Elizabeth Allbright Nail polish…again. And I’m with Marta: Chocolate and wine!!!
  4. Raisa Culver I’m indulging in makeup! =D
  5. Melissa Valmonte I indulge in ice cream! especially in ultra chocolate from trader joes!
  6. Helena Milost I love to indulge in all of the goodness on the table at Christmas eve 🙂 
  7. TaMyra Simone Harris I indulge in Chocolate  

Day 8:

  1. Alemom
  2. Ramcrest
  3. Lipton | TEE
  4. Ms. Jenn 
  5. Lyssa
  6. hi (Heather T)
  7. Halifax
  8. Amber

Congrats to everyone!

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Jet Lag – Last day of giveaways

PhotobucketBetween my netbook breaking abroad, rushing around and trying not to miss my flight, and then some personal issues, I could not find a moment to check my e-mail or update MOJ. I do apologize, but I am back and focused.

Below you will find the last giveaway, and to make it easy, y’all just have to leave your name and e-mail address to enter. Please check out the other giveaways and enter to make sure you have the highest chance of winning.

MOJ Chanukah Giveaway

Eight winners will win one bottle of this fab color from KO Knockout!
(The only catch is that you have to be an e-mail subscriber).

Check back in a couple of hours to see the post with winners!

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Chanukah Giveaway Day 7

PhotobucketPrior to the credit card bill arriving in my mailbox that ill-fated day, I used to be a bad girl collecting shoes and makeup like it was a stamp or rock collection to some. I’ve slowed down on my spending for sure, but I still have a basketfull of plenty a pair of eyelashes. So now y’all get some Revlon lashes for you! Seven winners will win the following three pairs.

MOJ Chanukah Giveaway

 Check out the MOJ Facebook page and tell me what you indulge in the most! Seven winners will win one of each pair of lashes from Revlon!

Remember only Facebook followers will be able to win!

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Chanukah Giveaway Day 6

PhotobucketSometimes I walk through the drugstore and read the names of some of the products and I wonder where their creative team went (maybe on vacation like I did lol). There are few companies out there that like to experiment with the titles of everything. Nothing makes me happier than a product name that makes me actually stand and smile and say out loud to no one in particular ‘ooohhh that’s clever’!

If someone looks at me funny, I just explain to them what makes it so spectacular (and most of the time they walk away even more perplexed). So today, you get to put on your creative hats and shoes! Six winners will get their choice of L’Oreal H.I.P Eyeshadow Duos (one per winner).


 What color duo do you want to win and what would you rename it? Six lucky comments will win their choice pick!

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