Fashion’s Night Out – Recap

After anticipating the day, when yesterday night came into fruition, it was like the whole city was in a party. I honestly have to tell you, the closest I have seen so many people in such a big city party simultaneously is for Halloween. Otherwise, we seem to be a serious bunch.

I have so many pictures to show you and things to tell you, but that will have to wait until later tonight. The upload process of photos is taking way too long and the start of NY Fashion Week is beckoning me. That then, also tells you that I’ll have even more good things to share!

To give you a quick view into the future posts:
-the displays for FNO09 were phenomenal. I was so taken aback by the creativity of all my favorite, and a bunch of new to me brands
-the streets were alive! I even have a picture of the subway being completely empty, and a very opposite busy store
-there were several partnerships of brands that worked out amazingly well! Just wait till you see who.

Click ‘read more’ to see what my NOTD is for the first day of NYFW for me!

I can’t ever explain thoroughly, how much in love with Zoya I am, but here is another profession of my love:


This is the softest gray shimmer that I have seen. It reminds me of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, when they chose the slogan for the jewelry line to be “Frost Yourself.” This is such a … frost… color.

Don’t forget to invest in a Zoya or two – or a hundred before October, that’s when their nifty $6 goes up to meet with Mr. Economy & Mrs. Inflation to be $7. You can get the color Harley here. It’s also offered as part of the Twist! sampler with my other fave, Malia.

As the rules apply with the giveaway – this is a polish that’s now added to the list of prizes.

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