NYFW: Lela Rose S/S 2010 beauty

PhotobucketTo continue the coverage of NYFW, I am breaking some posts up into pieces so that you don’t get restless scrolling. Whenever I get home and troll through photographs and footage and find that I have an abundance of material, I find it best to separate the fashion and beauty and offer more for you to read in separate posts. Either way, you got no choice! 🙂

As I already said in the fashion post, the collection was great. It was very relaxed and carefree but still prim and taken care of in every aspect. Does that make sense? Every look, from head to toe was flawless, in that it looked effortless. You know – those girls that practically skip down the street looking perfect and saying they just got out of bed? Or when you have a spiffy day and feel refreshed but did next to nothing to achieve it – just wore the tried and true, good to you. This collection was like that.

PhotobucketThe overall look was a soft but not overdone bronzed, carefree image. As Sarah from Stila describes it best, it’s like the girl who fell asleep under the sun for a bit in the summer, but she had her SPF on – so she just has a glow. Some of the products used were the Pomegranate Crush Stain, the Fandango Duo Eyeshadow, and the Cobalt Smudge Pot (all personal faves!) .The hair was slightly piecy ponytails, mastered by the best, depicting the same story that the makeup began to write. The nails? Well of course they followed suit!

PhotobucketDeborah Lippmann of her namesake brand described the mani pedis (Fashion was the shade used at the show – order here) as reverting back to matching the mani to the pedi. She reiterated that women should rely less on the go to French Mani and venture out into the broader world of polish (to which everyone agreed). The polish used in the show was just the perfect shade (described as a “Not-so-typical taupe” cream color on the website) to dig your feet into the sand and have your toes disappear into sandy oblivion.

Check out the rest of the images a la Yaya:

Photobucket Photobucket

Sarah from Stila taking care of Lela herself


the Lippmann polish army. See that glitter hiding on the left? That’s my wishlist polish in Happy Birthday (and y’all know mine is coming up on the 23rd!)


the Ted Gibson family. Mr. fab hair himself is rocking a tie

makeup prep lineup


Deborah Lippmann polish at work

Ted Gibson working his hair magic


Lela’s dog stitch was jonesing for a makeover, but he was fab the way he came!

Check out the show here:

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