NYFW: Alexander Berardi

PhotobucketThe madness continues for a handful more days. I equate this craziness to the change of seasons, although at a bit more of a warped speed. You always lament the season you’re in because of how hot or cold it is, and as soon as it departs and shifts to your requests, you miss it again. So as I slowly start to expect my NYFW withdrawal symptoms, I present to you more fashion coverage.

Alexander Berardi is a new designer to me, but after a highly successful show, that notion is no more.

The show’s prevalent theme was a lot of white. For a lot of in the moment comments, I have gone to Twitter, and have exclaimed that many designers chose white as their color for S/S 2010. The clothes shifted from everyday casual clothes to cocktail party attire, with several a sequined jacket. Made me think of a fashionable Michael Jackson tribute.

After going click happy with my camera, I will try to convey most of those pictures to you.


As mentioned previously, I got to interview some of the people that played a major role in these shows backstage, and soon enough, you’ll see it too!

The Estée Lauder makeup was inspired by a “uptown meets downtown look” uptown girls had a bit of a bronzed look going on, and the downtown girls had a bit of a purple shadow on their lids. Additionally, the looks were inspired by the day to night shifts. Can you see it now? Hair was by my fave Bumble & Bumble. The look was a soft au natural look with slight waves. I wanted to get the head artist on camera too, but I didn’t catch up with them in time for a chat.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
To keep this runway from looking like Diddy’s white party, there were flashes of orange and coral, as well as some grays/silvers.

I was also happy to see more diversity in the models (a prequel for another post to come). Almost every fashion week, upon its conclusion, there is a headcount of all the models, to see how many of which ethnicity was used. Though designers may argue that models should mainly serve as a blank canvas for the clothes, I am a firm believer that a diverse group will actually improve the look.

Photobucket Photobucket





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