Giveaway Winners

PhotobucketThere were two giveaways that went on in the past month, and I apologize for being so behind on alerting and announcing the winners.

I want to thank everyone for subscribing, visiting, and participating in all the giveaways that go on at My Own Judge. It is because of the readership that I am capable of continuing to do so, so tell all your friends about me!

As always, I double checked the comments to the actual sign ups (when applicable) & want it noted that only those who signed up counted as part of the giveaway.

For the Thevi giveaway, and the Party Like a Shop Star giveaway (four winners), the winners are:

Thevi Cosmetics:

spifftiff88 // mooalicious(at)hotmail(dot)com

Party Like a Shop Star:
Katy Wilko // rottenotter @ — (dot) —
Nelsby // sierranelsby (at) — (dot) —
Heather.Cline // cline4 @ — (dot) —
contact me with your shipping details!

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