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Photobucket Lunch time at work for me is usually a lot more about venturing out into the world of retail. Apparel and cosmetics find no shelter from my wandering eyes as my stomach does (or does not… we really don’t always mind) rumble along the way. This is the time when I usually slap on my headphones and explore everything. Sometimes, like an addict, I slip up and come back to work with goodies, to a side eye and a headshake from coworkers. But really, what do they know!? 🙂

My last trip to the Gap had me excited about the beginning of fall. A lot of stores jump the gun too early and start bringing fall merchandise out, as I barely wipe the sweat off my brow and pull my sunglasses off my face. It’s always hard to ignore future fantasies at full price, because even if the weather outside is hot, you don’t want to let a cute outfit slip by you. Am I the only one with the epic internal shopper’s struggle here? Don’t hide behind your computer screens!

I came across some tees from Product(RED) that I was pretty impressed with. The designs were simple and not too exaggerated, but had a great message. This is after the fact that Product(RED) is a great campaign to begin with.

Some of who what wears of Product(RED):

(RED) is a business model created to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT) RED branded products. A portion of profits from each (PRODUCT) RED product sold goes directly to the Global Fund to invest in African AIDS programs, with a focus on women and children.

(RED) is not a charity. It’s a business model designed to create awareness and a sustainable flow of money from the private sector into the Global Fund, to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Consumers buy (PRODUCT) RED, and at no cost to them, money is sent directly to the Global Fund.

Bono and Bobby Shriver created (RED) to engage the private sector in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Our partners include: American Express (UK only), Apple, Bugaboo, Converse, Dell, Emporio Armani, Gap, Hallmark, Starbucks, and Windows. Discussions are ongoing with other potential partners.

For its (RED) line, Gap has drawn design inspiration directly from Africa – its vibrant culture, architecture and people. So the clothes you wear can make a statement about who you are. Wear (RED) and save lives.


The tees that I liked were both saying the following message:

What we collectively choose to buy or not to buy can change the course of this planet.”

The tees are no longer available on the Gap website, but are still on sale on the Product(RED) site here.

After tees with printed sayings burst onto the market, I grabbed up a couple obnoxious ones. Clearly, I just had to get one that said Kiss Me, I’m Jewish, and a few other silly and similar ones. Almost all of them have passed on to the Salvation Army, but graphic tees that incorporate sayings still have a get out of jail free card from me.

Photobucket Photobucket
I really appreciate these tees because they didn’t just rely on the message, or branding to sell themselves. There was evident graphic thought put into this, and they even added a variety of designs. The message translates into more than just buying the tee – it can allude to buying and being green as much as it does to supporting companies that in return give back to the planet and its inhabitants.

What do you think? Do you like these tees? How do you feel about clothing with sayings on them?

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