Personal Triumphs

A lot of us know what it feels like to be special. You know, when you worked hard, or you’re just spectacularly awesome and someone notices? No need for you to put up a billboard or advertise. It gets noticed.

I’ve felt that when former VIBE editor Danyel Smith responded to my tweet and then commented to a post on my blog. And though a New Yorker, I’ve run into plenty celebrities (I’m not the stalking type – let them live!), it felt good to hear Miss Amerie tell me she liked my lipstick color last NYFW (story for another day). Point is, you try to be the best you for as much of 24 hours of everyday as possible. But it feels so much more awesome when someone calls you out on it.


So let’s hear it for my girl Kayla whose group photo was chosen by Amber Rose as a background pic for twitter. Amber Rose is one hot mama, as is her name in the press. If my picture in my Blast from the Past getup was chosen, I’d be feeling like ice cubes (cool & floating… get it? … never mind).

So I hope Miss K (she’s the one on the end on the right y’all) feels as awesome today as she’s been forever.

Did you get your dosage of awesomery interjection? What was it?

p.s. don’t bother clicking ‘read more’ on this post – this is all she wrote.

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