Talk It Out Tuesday!

I don’t know about you guys, but my inbox is always bursting at the seams with sales offers and notices. Most of these I can certainly do without, but who wants to miss a sale, right? A lot of people offer the great advice of separating e-mail addresses so that you have one for sales and one for personal use, but I must have missed the memo on that one. The only separation for my e-mail addresses are personal vs blog (and even there I have spillover).

Recently though, there has been a new phenomenon in my mailbox. The apology marketing strategy as I’ve come to see it.

Companies will send out mailers, and follow up a day or two with an apology and a new offer. Most of the time they say it was due to a typo or an improper code. The best one was an apology for high traffic and a resolution to the dilemma with a sale extension. All of which at one point or other seems okay. But now? It’s a bit too contrived and just feels like another marketing ploy.

What about you? Have you received an apology sale invite? What do you think about them?

Talk it out!

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