Nail Challenge – Continued

PhotobucketLast time I posted a new mani, I was shouting all loud and such about my nail challenge. How I wanted to utilize my extensive collection and somehow make my money well spent after all these years and unnecessary purchases. And then it got really quiet. Well I wasn’t slacking my dear readers. I was merely collecting them because I had a fear that y’all would cuss me out real tender for posting a NOTD every day in addition to regular posts.

I took to a lot of new purchases to showcase this week. My nails have also started revolting, so you will notice that the sizing is a bit different in some. This is either because the hands posing are different sides, or that I lost the war of the growing fingernail at the moment.

A post will be coming up soon about nail care and how to extend the life and length of such, but until then, enjoy the colors!

MAC Dry Martini
Photobucket Photobucket
flash on left, no flash on right

Sally Hansen Brisk Blue

Shades by Barielle Nailtini

and right as the weekend started to beckon, the nails began to revolt:

LA Girls unnamed mint green and bright as lights orange
Photobucket Photobucket
excuse the blurry thumb, I don’t know how that happened, lol

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