MAC Rain of Flowers

MyOwnJudge - MAC Rain of FlowersSometimes when you see something, you just have to have it. Such was the case when I saw MAC‘s Rain of Flowers nail polish. It looked like it had purples and blues and I was on a “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” high.

If you hold the polish in your hand, it mixes from blue to purple to a dark violet black. When you apply it?
MyOwnJudge - MAC Rain of Flowers
It’s a bit of a downer. The blue and purple shimmer only comes out when you’re twisting and turning your fingers like a beauty pageant queen doing the hello wave, and even then it’s not as great as your imagination might make you think. For the most part, the polish looks like a very dark, almost black violet. Reminiscent of OPI‘s Lincoln Park After Dark.

It applies pretty well with two coats. When you do only one coat, it looks violet and not dark at all, but you wouldn’t really be able to keep a one coat mani because of the streak factor.

The verdict? I’m a bit disappointed but I still like looking at the bottle.

What’s on your nails?

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Search & Win

Liberty of London takes over US

Liberty of London seems to have taken over the US (and other countries of course…) in one swift move. We have their MAC collection (I’m obsessed with the limited edition designs on the white packaging!), and their Target collection. Cute tops and rain boots to accompany cute packaging and great makeup? I’m all over it! (My favorite purchase from the bunch is the Birds & Berries eyeshadow)

All these partnerships on their behalf opened my eyes up to the brand and now I’m avoiding the pain of my bank account and browsing their selection on Neiman Marcus and more. Do you like any of their new collections?

Do you have a favorite designer partnership?

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Tardy to the Party

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion WeekTardy is the kindest word that I can attach to my timing in regards to Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Here’s the catch up (and if the following schedule of posts is too many too often for y’all, let me know!).

I got the ball rolling during the actual Fashion Week by doing a guest post for Miss Brittany over at Clumps of Mascara about the Vessel by Lois runway presentation, and trust me when I say that I could’ve went to just that first show and would have heard all the buzzwords and trends right away.

Image Credit:

With scheduling and location conflicts for many shows, you try to make one person act like as many clones at one time as possible. Want to know a true story? There were two shows going on within an hour of each other and next door to each other. I went to the first show to cover the backstage prepwork, snuck out through the side staircase (no one could leave because they were doing a test run of the show), ran around the block (with a camera, notepad, and no jacket), only to go into another show, cover the backstage prepwork there, only to return to the first show to catch the runway, and then back to the second. I probably would’ve attempted a lot more fashion herculean tasks similar to this if they were closer together, but that was not the case.

So of course, it is with great sadness that I admit to you that I only got to see Toni’s backstage prepwork and not the runway show. Too bad too, because the dresses were phenomenal. The collection was a bit broken in half with soft, sheer fabric in shades of gray, and some dark pieces, with black and gold. Check out all the runway photos from the show here.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

For this show, MAC provided the cosmetic creations, Zoya for nails, and hair was styled by the peeps from Cutler Hair Salons.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The look? A feminine, ethereal, “all about gold” theme. Once you look at the line, you’ll notice that the makeup matches the collection well.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Head makeup artist for the show, Dhai Naidu (pictured above) was swearing up and down the prep area that the item to buy from the fall brand collection is called ‘Hang Loose.’ The artists used Studio Moisture Tint foundation to cover up blemishes, but still keep the girls looking real; showing their real skin, freckles and all.

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The polish colors were berry much in tune with autumnal shades, breaking out the berries (did ya catch the berry before?), and of course some glitterin’ gold. The colors used were Sloane, Nova, Casey, and Richelle. Sunshine, the head nail artist for the team had some test swatches with various combinations of colors ready before each girl got set up with her color. Some gals rocked a single blinged out finger with berry on the rest. Nothing new for us beauty junkies, no? But I did love the pink glitter and the creamy gold. Such a switch for the colors, right?!

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week
The hair was sleek and neat, usually arranged in buns with gold threads, sequins, and applique dipping in and out of strands. The hair team used Cutler Volumizer Spray, along with Redken Workforce ’09. I was most impressed with the closeups of the hair (tell me you’re not!).

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

My favorite images captured on my camera for the day were the box of hair sequins above, and this one here:

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week
I’m sure anyone who had one person handling hair, nails, and makeup each, could get ready just as quickly as these gals! (And don’t we all wish for a round the clock entourage that would help?)

How did this show strike you? Any favorite pieces yet?

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Nail Challenge – Continued

PhotobucketLast time I posted a new mani, I was shouting all loud and such about my nail challenge. How I wanted to utilize my extensive collection and somehow make my money well spent after all these years and unnecessary purchases. And then it got really quiet. Well I wasn’t slacking my dear readers. I was merely collecting them because I had a fear that y’all would cuss me out real tender for posting a NOTD every day in addition to regular posts.

I took to a lot of new purchases to showcase this week. My nails have also started revolting, so you will notice that the sizing is a bit different in some. This is either because the hands posing are different sides, or that I lost the war of the growing fingernail at the moment.

A post will be coming up soon about nail care and how to extend the life and length of such, but until then, enjoy the colors!

MAC Dry Martini
Photobucket Photobucket
flash on left, no flash on right

Sally Hansen Brisk Blue

Shades by Barielle Nailtini

and right as the weekend started to beckon, the nails began to revolt:

LA Girls unnamed mint green and bright as lights orange
Photobucket Photobucket
excuse the blurry thumb, I don’t know how that happened, lol

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Who’s Asking?

In case anyone is asking – here’s what I look like today and my nails too! 🙂

FYI: this is a tidbit of the Tarte Fall goodies. Got this from the NY Bloggin’ Beauts event in July! If you’re a NY’er, get your butt over to the NY Bloggin Beauts blog and give me a holler, so that you can make the next event!

Photobucket Photobucket

I’ll admit – I took these pics in the workplace, that’s why I had to crop the weird shadow effect off to the side. Guilty as charged! 🙂


I’m devastatingly in love with this palette. The eyeshadows are all removable so you can do with them what you may, and the colors are uber work appropriate and soft. There are two great concealer colors, highlight colors, and smokey colors. Did I mention it comes with a double ended brush that is softer than a baby’s behind oughta be and a pencil? (That’s not a pencil you see in the black – that’s another brush o’ mine).

Naturally, this is the first but nowhere near the last FOTD with this palette, so keep your eyes peeled! Oh and did ya spy the zipper rose embellishment on the packaging? Y’all know I’m a sucker for awesome embellishments. That’s a pleasantly surprised expression by the way… 🙂


Products used:
Tarte Femme Naturale palette
(check out their other palette (Femme Fatale) for Fall on their website here)
MAC Dazzleglass in Smile
MAC Plushlash mascara

Oh and let’s not leave out the nails! Rocking ORLY, Miss Yaya did double duty this week. Once for the cool, calm, and collected, and once for the loud and in charge. By the way: one of these polishes came via the NY Bloggin’ Beauts event in July, and the other via a recent shopping trip to CVS.

Photobucket Photobucket
Left: Country Club Khaki Right: Chica Boom

See? Even the names have different personalities!

Watcha think? What are you rockin’?

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Gold Star

Hey y’all

So as my contest comes to an end (is your entry in yet?!) I decide to show some love and enter someone’s contest as well.

Here’s my entry for Whitz Gold Digger Contest:

Don’t mix that silver and goooold :)~

I don’t know what’s up with the sourpuss face y’all. I must’ve been tired.

Anyway – I tried to make it look like I had gold flecks on me face and lips. Does it show?

What I used:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark as bronzer
Mineralize Blush in Dainty (probably my most favorite blush ever)

Select Cover-Up in NW20

Oscillating Mascara in Black

Urban Decay
E/S colors from my custom made palette:

Midnight Cowgirl
, Twice Baked, Heist, Baked, Half Baked
Flash color in
4 (gold)
lipstick in
14 Cotton Candy
Shimmer lip gloss in

Watcha think?

Contest Entry – Celebrity Smokey Eye

As a last minute entry to Rai’s Celebrity inspired makeup contest, I decided to do a black smokey eye a la Eva Mendes.

the inspiration:

the outcome:

the numerous outtakes:

what I used:

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark as bronzer
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty (probably my most favorite blush ever)
Lorac Foundation sample (you’d think it wouldn’t last me this long)
Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ in White (as a primer on eyes)
Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Asphalt
Maybelline Professional Natural Lash Clear Mascara
Lancome Oscillating Mascara in Black
Styli-Style Lipstick in 1520 Nude
MAC Lustre Glass in Pinkarat
and all the white-to black shades on the 120 color palette

I used 2 blending brushes, a foundation brush, a medium shadow brush, and a blush brush…

Swag Attack!

I’ve been bad. VISA can tell you that. So can Mastercard. Discover too. But here’s what I got to show for it!!

The damage done from the Makeup Show

I also tried a couple of new products through all my lollygagging through the city. I bought two eyeshadows from Terra Shadow. I have been looking at them in the drugstore for a while now but finally got a few to try out. Look at the pics!

Found them in Duane Reade (which is like CVS and Walgreen’s in NY). I didn’t think they would be sooo pigmented or so bright. I am most definitely going back for more!

Theeen I went to a Beauty Supply store in downtown Brooklyn lol (they are all pretty much one store locations, so I usually don’t bother getting the names – sorry!). I tried out Sinful Colors and Profusion lip gloss. Amazing! I am soo addicted now!

Profusion in 10
Sinful Colors in Icy and Wink

Here are the swatches:

Sinful Colors in Wink

I tried it with my super bright light and without it – left side is more realistic colorwise.

Sinful Colors in Icy

Profusion in 10

The only thing I don’t like about the Sinful glosses are the applicators:

By now, I think I have probably used up half of the Profusion lip gloss (it reminds me of MAC cream sheen – will have to see if there are dupes), and have big dreams of an amateur photo shoot for the Sinful Colors gloss. Plus they were all super cheap! Nothing over $3.00!

For the indulgent MAC purchase to brighten up a gloomy day, I bought the Dazzleglass in Smile!

So of course I had to smile! lol

Plus the lipgloss is covering a pimple!

Okay no more confessing for a while (I hope).

Mascara Time

Are you on Sephora‘s mailing list?

Today my e-mail was full of mascara. Only, most of their “8 most popular mascaras” have not crossed my shopping wrath or I have even heard of…

Mind you – we are only talking Sephora here. Here is what they got and whatever else I have to say about it – it IS my blog y’all!


Lancome – ÔSCILLATION – Vibrating Infinite Powermascara
What it is: The first vibrating powermascara by Lancôme. $34

Last time yaya was in Sephora she tried this. And loved it. Her wallet didn’t so they parted ways, but there is a sequel coming soon.

The only con I found with this is that the vibrations make your eyes tear so you can’t do it for a long time. However, 10 seconds per eye was perfect mascara-zation for me. I’ll make a whole darn post about it soon, you just watch.


Buxom Lash (by Bare Escentuals)
What it is: A paraben-free, lash-volumizing mascara. $18

I really like brushes like these. The rubbery texture of it is conducive to volumizing. However!!! This never did it for me in store so it never walked home with me neither. For me this is an everyday mascara, and for that price, it needs to work harder. I’d spend my pennies on the MAC Plush Lash mascara – now that is what I call volume.

Best Seller

Dior DiorShow Mascara What it is: A cult-followed mascara that leaves lashes ultra thick, long, and curled. $24

Does it seem like I only condone the high price lash-wear paint? I like all sorts of mascaras, but Dior is a classic for me. I have this in black, brown, and blue. It doesn’t clump. It’s pretty big, so it kind of makes up for the price, and it’s effective. It gives you the right amount of volume and length for your 9a-5p and 5p-9p… and 9p-5a. Yea, I said it.


Sephora Lash Stretcher
What it is: A lengthening and curling mascara, infused with fibers for maximum extension. $16

I haven’t personally tried this but I already have found something wrong with it. The price kiddies. Now maybe I was the only person paying attention in undergrad business classes, but the store brand is intended to be the cheapest version of what’s out there. That’s generally how they can afford to sell other brands and earn a small profit on them – the profit they get from people picking up their cheap alternatives. Sephora ya hear me? You failed this class.


BADgal Waterproof Mascara (Benefit)
What it is: A waterproof black mascara. $19

Have any of you done the waterproof test? I.e: put water on it and see what happens? Have you ever taken a shower with mascara on? Yeah… that sight was gruesome. Most mascaras can be washed off with mere warm water and lightly running a wet wipe/finger, etc over the lashes. Most of this mascara went bye bye with the test for me, but maybe I just know their kryptonite? H2O that sucker. Overall I’m not a waterproof gal anyway. I like to make sure that water can take my war paint off pretty easily…

Primer + Mascara

LORAC Special Effects Mascara
What it is: A double-ended wand that features a conditioning primer and a defining and lengthening mascara. $22

I’m going to admit to never trying this, BUT I only speak for myself when I say that I’m not a fan of these, as I often neglect to use them, and they are an extra unwanted step when getting ready in a hurry. I suppose I will try it though, since LORAC has been kind enough to create good products for a while now :).

My recommendation for a good and lengthening primer? It’s none other than MAC Prep + Prime.

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara $14

I feel like no mascara can do the curl like a curler can. The curl it gives me is just enhancing the curl in my lashes because it is essentially putting something on my lashes tokeep them in that place. Don’t you think?

Faux Look

I-mju Tiny Sniper
What it is: A lash-extending mascara. $15

Now this category, I was waiting all post to comment on. This is a whole bunch of no nos for me. 1. The packaging is a little misleading in the wand being so big, and the actual pot of mascara being so small. 2. Those darn small wands are no good for your whole eye. Thus, making it necessary to buy another mascara to help you finish your one stinking eye and making it more expensive and unecessary again! excuse my huffing and puffing here.

These are the same darn two main points that left me red in the face with steam out of my ears when I got my Guerlain double ended Le 2 De mascara. Guerlain has some great, luxurious, and expensive products but this went into the I hate you category, and not many things do.

The fail proof lash fiber mascaras in yaya’s purse?

  1. MUFE Lash Fibers (This is like a primer, so it’s white. It already elongates your lashes though, so you can have any cheapie mascara swipe over just once to change to your wanted color. This is also perfect if you want to use color mascara as it makes the color more vibrant with the white base.)
  2. I-mju FiberWig. I can feel my lashes touch my eyebrows with this bad boy on. No REALLY. I-mju should’ve stopped with this and quit with the tiny sniper.

And that’s how I really feel about it!

What’s your mascara grade sheet like?

EOTD: Orange!

Makeup Geek has a weekly challenge, well… every week. This week it was all about orange. Here’s my version:


Pop Palette Lid Neon (can’t find a site that sells it & Sephora sold the whole brand at 50% off check if they still have it near you! b/c they no longer carry the brand at the store)
Makeup Forever White (Sephora)
Covergirl Mascara Lash Blast (CoverGirl or
Covergirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara Clear (CoverGirl or
120 Palette Beauties Factory (eBay)
MAC 224 Blending Brush (MAC)
Sephora 14 Smudge Brush (Sephora)

Watcha think?

EDIT: forgot to add the inspiration board!! here you go:

To check out other entries, take a look in the forum here.