Floridian Adventures

PhotobucketRemember when I was traveling south to the state of Florida? Well I got some travel photos for ya!

I always love staying with locals when traveling, because I feel like there is no book or guide that will show you the city like a local can. I try to make that a fact when people visit NY, and my girl Brit from ClumpsofMascara did not disappoint either! She had the double duty of showing me Miami and Orlando, and between the Artist Summit and my freak catch of a cold, she had her job cut out for her.

Being a city gal, I’m not used to certain things. City gal might have been an understatement – being a NY gal, I’m not used to quiet streets, having to drive to stores, and worst of all not having things open until all hours of the night. (Yes my city has spoiled me – suck it up!). I’m sure all my comments might have gotten on B’s Southern nerves… but I wasn’t kicked out of a car or a house the whole time, so it was a success!

view from the car – plenty of fancy vehicles on the road

fancy colors and brands at the Artist Summit in Miami (more details to come)

Britt and her cuzzo getting the start treatment from Koren (Enkore Makeup) & Naked Cosmetics

Visiting Dash in Miami (of course I had to take a tourist pic lol)

the sisters are all nailed on the wall (no pun intended hehe)

Miss Bryana & Yana(me) by the beach (that might not be how you spell her name, but it will be for today)

We’re so snazzy, we stayed in this hotel… (psych!)

kinda feelin’ myself at the beach…

I got more pictures and more coverage, but you gotta wait! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Floridian Adventures”

  1. I know, it's kinda tough going from 2 extremes, right? I love NYC and all but I also love my quiet evenings and clean streets and my car. But at the same time I'd give it all up to (temporarily…like for no more than 3 years, lol) be in the big city!


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