Talk It Out Tuesday! War Paint?

Tuesday is upon us yet again, and I have plenty to pick your brain about!

Today’s question is about make up practices in another’s eyes. This is the men vs. women debate.

Last weekend, I was preparing to go out for dinner and a movie with my someone special, and I was trying to pull all the stops. Now let’s clarify: I am not a makeup everyday kind of girl. The daily product addiction you can convict me of would be gloss and perfume.

There are plenty days when I wake up and realize the bags under my eyes are threatening (usually this is just in my head b/c no one else seems to get the hysteria) to overpower the ginormous bags on my shoulders. Those days, I extend into concealer on my eyelids and under my eyes. If I have pimples, the last thing I do is conceal them (as I have found that to be the number one agitator for it, personally).

When I have to do face pictures, or meet with companies, I dig a little deeper into my bag containing the kitchen sink & use some mascara and light bronzer, and maybe some eyeshadow. This is all usually done on the subway, en route to said locations/meetings. The only times that I stay home and apply makeup is for when there is an abundance of time (rare) or when there is an event.

The last prep reasoning is a recent phenomenon. I used to use the same products for getting ready as I mentioned (mascara & light bronzer) for nights out as well. Then I started reading blogs. Then I started one of my own. Then I discovered YouTube tutorials. It’s been slightly downhill since then. All my new knowledge of shading, and contouring just has to be put into action now. That’s what I said when I was asked why my beauty regimen nearly doubled in practice. And then I heard this: Have you ever gotten a male’s opinion about makeup?

Now this was a question that should’ve been put into a script probably. I could just hear the background harp & the light go on above my head. Have I? The men in my family didn’t care much for it, the dates I’ve went on didn’t either. Overall, my face seemed to get the best reviews when bare.

I try not to justify my outfits or makeup for someone else. That’s a dangerous practice, as you’re always going to run into a comparison, and eventually you’ll always find something else to change. So I try to do it all for me. Do I get caught up in the hype? Plenty of times. But I do try.

So now I’m seeking the male opinion. What have y’all heard from the other sex Ladies & Gents? What’s the verdict on the war paint?

I’ll still be makeup my face, but I’m going to try to keep any excuse out. If I’m wearing it, it’ll most likely (look y’all I said I try…) be because I just want to… for me.

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