Magazine Weekend: People Style Watch Oct 09

PhotobucketMagazine weekend returns today with a bang! I am a bit saddened about September missing out on Magazine weekend, but I can’t say it was possible. See, with the presence of NYFW, and my birthday, followed by my Florida trip and the Bloggin’ Beauts event, today is the only possible day I could bring it to y’all. I know you missed it, so I won’t stretch it out more than needed.

This weekend starts with People Style Watch. Jennifer Aniston is on the cover, along with titles of articles such as ‘359 Looks You’ll Love.’ I really like how this young magazine is coming along with tips on how to wear the most stylish designs, as well as cheaper versions of celebrity getups.

I take to this magazine for a lot of new brand and designer insight, as they are sure to be the ones that give you a quick head’s up, and this time around, they also have a couple of pages dedicated to Breast Cancer Research/Awareness and the companies supporting the cause.

If you read on, you will see I chose the article giving you the Five Simple Rules of Natural Makeup. Make sure to snag, or recycle & reuse a friends copy to catch all their product recommendations and the rest of the explanations to each rule. And of course, to let me know what you think!


Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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