Artist Summit Miami – Inglot/NOTD

PhotobucketI missed the chance to give you the scoop about Inglot coming to NYC a while back (summer to be precise). Around the time of the first Bloggin’ Beauts get together, the makeup brand with hues in the 100s under their belt opened their US flagship store in the Times Square neighborhood of my beloved Big Apple. (The store @ 1592 Broadway (between 47th and 48th Street) open 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.!!)

When I started planning my Florida trip for the Artist Summit in Miami, no one could have been any more excited than I when I heard that Inglot was making an appearance.

A Polish brand, slowly making their mark all across the continents, they have been present in the world as a brand for a quarter of a decade and counting. They are creators to over 390 shades for your eyes, and over 200 for your pretty nails. Soon, they’ll probably have just as many stores for each color.

About Inglot Cosmetics:

INGLOT Cosmetics was established over 20 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist at the time working in Research & Development for a pharmaceutical company. INGLOT Cosmetics was founded on the principles of combining the most advanced technology and highest quality materials to produce the world’s most unique beauty products. The company’s point of difference is the freedom and flexibility for individuals to mix and match their own color line from the huge collection of colors. At present, INGLOT has one of the most extensive color ranges of cosmetic collections in the world and works with the best makeup artists to bring the latest trends in colors, textures and form of cosmetics to the market. With several new significant projects being fine tuned in the labs at the moment, coming months will see the introduction of a number of new and innovative products. All INGLOT Cosmetics are produced in the European Union and over 95% of them in INGLOT’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Their Canadian website has some info about stores but not products. Their Malta site has some galleries, and the Australian site is under construction… but alas, none with e-commerce. And the one we’ve all been waiting for? The US store is in the works, but plenty beauty bloggers and product junkies alike have been promised progress, and quick!

Until then, enjoy the images I got for ya, and my two NOTD’s for my nail-a-day challenge from their polish (with more on the way). Photos on the left are without flash, photos on right are with flash.

single eyeshadow pans (the refillable choices for palettes is the main pic)

lip gloss pots and trio color cubes

mineral shadows

Photobucket Photobucket
Inglot Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish in 709

Photobucket Photobucket
Inglot Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish in 722

These polishes are called matte but I would call them semi-matte, as they are flatter than a cream, but more satin-y than a normal matte.

I thought the polish looked like a yellow peanut M&M candy, so I had to buy a pack to compare. It was a little bit lighter, but way too fun… & yummy! 🙂

Heard about Inglot yet? Like it?

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4 thoughts on “Artist Summit Miami – Inglot/NOTD”

  1. @slvrlips – no worries!! the prices are similar to MAC but cost a dollar or two more, and as of now I don't believe they have a pro discount. At the Summit they didn't have amazing discounts either (like only $1 or $2 off compared to others doing 40% off) but I think that's because they're still growing in the US field.


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