LG of the Jury – Torn

PhotobucketFinally, this Thursday, Ladies and Gents of the Jury returns. As always, my apology for the delay lies with the scheduling conflicts that always surround a schedule full of beauty events and material to cover, and the exhaustion to follow. Can’t hate a gal for enjoying a snooze, can ya?

I have a dear friend who on occasion likes to tear the small holes in her denim into rather huge holes that tend to expose her knees or shins. To such an extent that one time, a parental unit of sorts (this was at a younger age) approached her with concern about her well being. He said her denim made her look like she had been mugged. This was more a joke at the expense of her hole-yness :), but that just further proves that a verdict is never the same with every juror.

This week, the verdict is out on torn edges. Beyond the distressed look on denim (and now leggings), torn edges have been used as one choice to the variety of embellishments. The following two ladies are lookers who both chose edges that didn’t see a sewing machine. Sienna Miller in NY (After Miss Julie Broadway opening night) and Paula Patton in NY (Angel Ball) as well.

Sienna Miller
Paula Patton
I feel like Sienna’s dress took it a bit too far with the distressing to the point that it looks truly distressed. This is how I feel people look after encounters with rose bushes or malnourished petkittens out for blood. Paula’s? I like it but could have done less fray. Maybe if the outside border wasn’t so?

Photo Credits: Sienna – WCBS & Getty, Paula – Zimbio & Photo Agency

What do you think Ladies & Gents of the Jury? What’s your verdict?

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