The Essence of the Ruby Room

I came across the brand Ruby Room while walking around the commerce section of The Artist Summit in Miami. I was curious about the products from far, as I saw a table full of sprays amidst a hall of cosmetics. When I walked over I was introduced to the brand.

Launched in February 2009, we are thrilled to share with you Ruby Room’s Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essence Collection and accompanying service, Aroma Infused Flower & Gem Essence Journey, to help you manifest the life you envision.

The collection consists of ten sprays – seven of them created to balance and harmonize each of our seven main chakras (energy fields) and three essence boosters. Each spray is infused with specially chosen pure essential oils that further enhance the benefits of the flower and gem essence blend while taking you along on an energizing, inspiring, grounding, elevating or calming sensory journey.

After a bit more research, I found out that the magic doesn’t stop at the sprays. Ruby Room provides guest services (when traveling), spa services, and other products as well. Check out the website for more info.

When I was speaking to the representative for the brand at the Summit, I was told that these sprays, made of essential oils are preferred by designers and makeup artists to sort of “clear the energy” during shoots and in spaces. That makes a lot of sense when you think about people being funky and their mood creeping over into you. I’ve certainly had those moments. Talking about chakras was a little over my head but, it made sense that certain aspects of each spray would do what promised because of the ingredients. We already use lavender to relax, chamomile to soothe, mint to focus/awaken etc. So without a chakra education you can still see why people would prefer them right?

Being that the sprays are made with essential oils and are natural, you can use this as a room spray, spray around yourself, or spray into a tub when taking a bath.

My only disclaimer to this product is that you should check if any of the ingredients rub you the wrong way first. I was enamored with the sprays but had a minor allergic reaction to one. Even still, I’d buy another (without my pesky allergen).

Have you tried this?

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