Danessa Makes You Beautiful

PhotobucketFollowing the NY Makeup Show, I have been obsessed with Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful. An acclaimed makeup artist, she is well known for her instructional videos and classes, and I know her as a good good looking thaang!

After years of experience working as a corporate executive in education, marketing, and publishing, Danessa Myricks was itching for a way to express her creative side. Being the tenacious Entrepreneur that she is, she decided to take her hobby of experimenting with makeup and turn it into a career. Now, whether it’s for a celebrity photo shoot, a magazine spread or a wedding, she transforms women from simple to sensational.

Continuing in the path of her mentor Daniel Green, Danessa Myricks now offers hands-on educational classes nationwide and step-by-step training DVDs to help others learn how to successfully start a career in makeup artistry. Beginning in October 2004 you will be able to catch a glimpse of her makeup training DVDs streaming live on America Online (at www.aol.com or www.blackvoices.com). You can also see her work at www.imakeyoubeautiful.com.

At the Artist Summit in Miami, I had a chance to swatch some of the gel liners that are sold under her brand (could not find them on her e-commerce site for the life of me) and was surprised at their vibrant colors and long lasting quality.



The colors are really vibrant and last forever. I wore the bottom left teal liner all day and had to use about ten cotton swabs soaked with makeup to take off. You can swim in the Olympics with these suckers and come out looking glam for your medal!

Here is Danessa during a seminar about Eye Focus. She was demonstrating on an audience member the way to change an eye shape or eyebrow shape with makeup.



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