Trial Practice Tips

PhotobucketHow y’all liking this new feature?

This is the second time that I’m coming out with this feature. I hope y’all enjoy the tips and tidbits I’m bringing to you guys. I’d also love to know what you guys follow & stick to yourselves!

The tips are always in threes, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness:

Don’t overscrub. We all know that we need to scrub (right?). We accumulate dead skin cells through regular day to day activities and by the mere fact that we are living individuals. You know when you get a little itchy? And you start to spot a little ash here and there? That means time to scrub!

Don’t you get too excited though. That outer layer of skin is necessary. If you have cuts or injuries, the outer layer (scab) is there until the skin underneath is no long raw. When you start scrub-a-dubbin’ every day, you are leaving your skin naked against the elements and may experience more acne, or sensitivity. Try to do a whole scrub once or twice a week. Trust me, you won’t turn into a leapin’ lizard.

Embellish a bit. You don’t need to have a million pieces of clothing to look new and fresh on a regular basis. I fell victim to this though, I fell under the spell of wearing things a minimum amount of times and grew horrified to the size and quantity of closets I needed to support my habit.

Then something happened. One day, a window was left open for too long and an itty bitty moth turned into an army after a week. My attempts at cleaning and purging this army led me to minimizing my collection of clothes and appreciating a more minimal approach. I probably have way more items that I need, still, but nowhere near what it was.

Make it new by using brooches, necklaces, etc. You can even use brooches on shoes, attach bracelets/necklaces as chains to the beltline on your pants.

Make the most of your time. When you are told to do a minimum of 30 minutes of activity in a day, no one ever tells you it has to be continual. When you brush your teeth in the morning, straighten your back and lift to your toes. This will work your calves. Waiting for the bus/elevator? Lift your handbag from holding it at your side, to curling it to your chest. Alternate, and thus work your biceps! Y’all already know that you can do additional exercises while watching tv!

Have some tips for me? Feedback? Comments and/or e-mails are always welcome!

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