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PhotobucketWhen improving a country, people always seek to educate the female population first, as they are usually the backbones for the family, or the future generations. With our wallets struggling to keep up with our needs vs. wants, it doesn’t hurt for a gal to get some financial advice that doesn’t involve a snoozefest.

Don’t get me wrong, I can sit around and peruse a financial site for days, and I can read the Wall Street Journal as avidly as I do WWD. But when I was younger? It wouldn’t have hurt for me to know some things before I had charged up every pair of jeans in sight to my credit card as soon as it came in the mail (okay that’s an exaggeration – but still). So how great is it that came on the scene to offer financial advice in a bloglike format? I do like me an educated woman who makes her money work for her! is a free daily financial newsletter written by and for women. Did you know that women are chronically under-earning and under-saving? Women are often willing to work for 1/3 the price that their male competitors charge – and to add to that, most of the financial resources on the web don’t speak the language that we can understand. Women often operate under the assumption that the more money we make, the more we have – and that is so far from the truth! (at least in my case!)

Here is a snippet of an e-mail I got from this week:

The e-mails put together real life events and dilemmas to show you how and what to prevent, as well as just give you a heads up.

The story from this e-mail hit very close to home as it talks about insurance for people who rent and not just own their property. I didn’t think I needed any until my apartment was broken into several times over the course of a year. The cause of this turned out to be faulty construction in the windows and the door, but though the landlord fixed all that, no one could return my property. Not the landlord, not the police, and not my broke bloggin’ behind. You can read the rest of the post here, and don’t forget to sign up!


Are you financially savvy?

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