Talk It Out Tuesday! Consumer Activity

It’s that time again!

When a financial crisis was reported, I felt bad for the fact that my bank account wasn’t ready for any dilemma. If I were to lose either of my jobs (I got 2), how would I pay off my retail habit debt and my education (let alone rent)? Not sure. And yet, I still purchased things here and there. I mean really. Yes, you have to be more of a savvy finance-ista (?) 🙂 but you can’t just stop living.

So I ventured into stores and spent a bit here and there. Did you?

Stores weren’t as optimistic about the future, so they toned down their spending. They tried to sell what they had, and trimmed their orders for the future (aka now & the coming seasons). In comparison to their smaller orders, it seems that they are getting closer to a happier bottom line. As a matter of fact, many news reports say shelves may actually be out of stock sooner due to the quantity of items available and people and their darn holiday gift lists.

With that said, every week when I read a financial overview of the week past, I hear the same thing: Consumers are spending again. But I wonder, are they really? Has the spending stayed the same? Are people feeling “safer”? Are you shopping?

Tell me all about it!

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One thought on “Talk It Out Tuesday! Consumer Activity”

  1. Hi Miss Yaya 🙂 I have never posted on your blog before… but I've been reading it for a bit now and love it 🙂

    OK, now that that is out of the way… I still shopped some even though like you, I probably should have been saving more. I didn't shop as much as before – I definitely cut back when the recession hit – but I certainly didn't stop treating myself every now and then either, especially if there was an excellent sale on something I needed or had been wanting for a long time (like right now with all these friends and family sales!!). First of all, while it's important to save, we all need to have fun now and again, and for me, the occasional shopping spree is fun! Plus, and maybe this is rationalizing a bit, but if we don't shop AT ALL, then how is the economy supposed to recover? Yes, I know that a lot of it has to do with Wall Street and politics… but when the Average Janes like me quit shopping we are in really big trouble, since women do the bulk of retail spending in this country…..


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