Talk It Out Tuesday! Shopping!

Tuesday is back and I can already hear the loud banging of the holidays at my door. I just sat down yesterday and wrote down a stern list of people I plan to get gifts for.
My gift giving habits in the past have been to write a few names and improvise on the rest. Improvise on the people and the gifts leads to empty wallets. So this year I will try to write down a gift for each person, cross it off, and move on. This is a drastic change to my usual “this would be great for ____” and ending up with five gifts per person.
And darn me for not being a Scrooge and loving all these little kids in my life!
Who are you shopping for this holiday season? And while you’re at it – with Thanksgiving coming up, what are you thankful for?

I’m glad to have my health and all the people in my life that make my life such a joy to wake up to every morning. And of course, for readers like you!

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