Get a fresh deal!

PhotobucketThe holidays are beating down my door right now. I am the type to start shopping for people in June, so this year, my not so activeness (due in part to mounting bills!) is getting me closer and closer to a shop breakdown. What am I going to get everyone?!

It’s so hard to get the perfect something for someone while maintaining the perfect something price for you. When you look at one site, another site with a discount is passing you by. Ever have the moment where you press ‘submit order’ and you get a discount in your email seconds later? Yeah that.

So I’m passing along some knowledge to ya peeps. Fresh to my internet savvy-ness is Fresh Deals. The price lookup site not only shows you price comparison for the products you want (or finds products that you can’t find), but they also let you interact with each other. Post a question up, connect it to your facebook, and wait for the answer!

Example: You come across shoes that might as well have your name on then. But it’s a new brand. You want the shoes, not the drama, so you post a question about them running large or small. And that’s all it takes.

I’m lovin’ it for helping me out with my holiday list. My mom requested fleece everything for the holidays and is getting antsy for some fleece leggings. I think she expects me to become a millionaire and relocate her to a climate where it never hits freezing temperature. But enough about that, where the heck do I get fleece leggings? I’ve only come across those in children’s stores. So I type in fleece leggings and voila! Who knew there were so many e-tailers anxious to make my momma happy?

As I mentioned before, the site is also splendid at finding things you and single retailers may call ‘unfindable’. When I was posting the Stila tutorial yesterday, I mentioned that the Salome Eyeshadow Duo was sold out everywhere and that y’all kiddies needed to get your google on. But type in ‘Stila Salome‘ and you get a load of em!

I’ll be using Fresh Deals as my cheat sheet for the holidays. What’s your secret?

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