NOTD – the cheap nail

The return of the nail! My adventures with nail polish and new ones (almost) every day continues. Check out the photos of all the cheapie polishes (none of these cost more than $3).

MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nails
LA Girl Matte in what Forever 21 calls Magenta – as you can see, nothing beats a matte like the China Glaze Matte Magic top coatMOJ - Cheap Nailsleft two fingers with top coat, right two fingers
MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nails
LA Girl from Forever 21, this is such a gorj color, and probably should have a crazy name, but of course, 21 calls it Blue.
MOJ - Cheap Nails
I love how it looks as a matte.
MOJ - Cheap Nails I finally got my hands on some KleanColor nail polish in colors that I liked.MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap NailsBlue Satin has a party inside of it! Confetti and glitter, but in a very not too loud way. 🙂MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nailsforgot the name of this color peeps, but if you ask, I shall find! left is no flashMOJ - Cheap NailsI tried to do a finger with Blue Satin over the purple, but it wasn’t spectacularMOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap NailsThis is Pearl Jungle, a green I honestly don’t think I have come across before (left no flash, right w/flash)
MOJ - Cheap NailsTried it with a matte top coat, but this is the first color that I can safely say would do without any matte-ifying effects.

How ya like ’em?

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3 thoughts on “NOTD – the cheap nail”

  1. Ooh that China Glaze matte top coat is awesome! Does it make the nail polish last longer? because i tried a matte once and it chipped within like 5 minutes


  2. I just purchased that LA Colors matte magenta polish. Great minds think alike lol. I need to invest in that china glaze matte polish. It made all the polishes look great


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