Lip Service

MyOwnJudge - Lip TrendsThe magazines and websites are ablaze with lip colors that are trending this season. The truth of the matter is that anything bright is on par with the trends. The standout colors shouldn’t be too surprising, as they always peek their heads out as soon as the sun comes out to play for real. Case in point: orange and pink. A newcomer to the popular table is the lilac and purple lipstick. Let’s blame it on the gals who take the stage in costumes your mother would never advise you wear. As far as the red – well that one never goes out of style. A bright red lip is a bad-mamajama all year, come rain sleet or snow (and unlike the postal service, it doesn’t take days off).

I love the orange trend the most because a lot of the times it comes off as a red depending on what shade you get it in, and how you wear it, and it makes your teeth look brighter than your toothpaste ever could. Though I have favorite lipsticks for all of the shades, the hands down winner is the selection of colors by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics with their Lip Tars. The best thing with them is that you can even mix them to customize your own color.

p.s. I had to add a celebrity example in a variety of skin tones because I don’t want to hear anyone say the color doesn’t look good on their skin. Retire that mindset!

Which color tickles your fancy the most?

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Search & Win

Soo… Polish?

I have purchased more nail polish than I care to admit but am sad to say that you won’t be seing it for a really long time.See… what happened was Yaya was trying to experiment in the kitchen. Everything was going swell until the potato peeler made contact with my nail and sliced straight into my finger under it. Sounds pretty terrible, right? It was pretty awful. I tried to keep my nail as it was but it kept splitting into two halves and that was not cute at all. Just reading about it sucks, eh?

So while the time passes for my nails to grow (I had to chop them all down to as short as possible so that they’d grow at the same pace), check out the NOTDs I managed to photograph before my accident.

This brand, Soo was found in a beauty supply store in Brooklyn. The polish is pretty thick and the photo on the left with flash how the color looks in sunlight and the photo without flash on the right is how the polish looks indoors. It’s super creamy and pigmented and costs… wait for it… $1.99. I snagged some other colors, but of course that will all have to wait.

I tried my best to find the polish company online but see no website and barely any mention. The color pictured is called Court. I will try to find out some more info for ya and let you know!

Any new polish colors in your life? (or nail disaster stories?)

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NOTD – the cheap nail

The return of the nail! My adventures with nail polish and new ones (almost) every day continues. Check out the photos of all the cheapie polishes (none of these cost more than $3).

MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nails
LA Girl Matte in what Forever 21 calls Magenta – as you can see, nothing beats a matte like the China Glaze Matte Magic top coatMOJ - Cheap Nailsleft two fingers with top coat, right two fingers
MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nails
LA Girl from Forever 21, this is such a gorj color, and probably should have a crazy name, but of course, 21 calls it Blue.
MOJ - Cheap Nails
I love how it looks as a matte.
MOJ - Cheap Nails I finally got my hands on some KleanColor nail polish in colors that I liked.MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap NailsBlue Satin has a party inside of it! Confetti and glitter, but in a very not too loud way. 🙂MOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap Nailsforgot the name of this color peeps, but if you ask, I shall find! left is no flashMOJ - Cheap NailsI tried to do a finger with Blue Satin over the purple, but it wasn’t spectacularMOJ - Cheap Nails MOJ - Cheap NailsThis is Pearl Jungle, a green I honestly don’t think I have come across before (left no flash, right w/flash)
MOJ - Cheap NailsTried it with a matte top coat, but this is the first color that I can safely say would do without any matte-ifying effects.

How ya like ’em?

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Diamond Cosmetics

PhotobucketAs a follow up to my Diamond Cosmetic adventures, I bring you a select few mattes from their collection, and more. From my introductory post here where I used the brand’s polish for the first time, I have fallen head over heels.

It wasn’t just enough for me to borrow the polish from a friend (xo Britt), I had to go to the darn site and purchase a few polishes (quit with the side eye y’all! They’re only $2 each!!).

I will be updating you with what I got once I get the package (I purchased some of the cosmetics to test out as well), but I have some polishes to hold you off until then.

2 coats application

Photobucket Photobucket
left with top coat, right with China Glaze Matte Magic Topcoat

Matte Black

PhotobucketThis is a fab color. Without a matte or a shine top coat it is the most wearable black polish that I have come across, in that it isn’t too shiny, but it’s not completely matte yet either. As a matte it’s a bit more satin-y than how it is with the matte top coat as you can see above, but that just adds variety. I am a fan of these types of colors because then you get three for the price of one. You get cream, satin-y (lol), and matte with the help of top coats (but top coats help all polishes). The application is smooth and consistent, and nothing to complain about.

Photobucket Photobucket
left 2 coats, right with China Glaze Matte Magic Topcoat
Matte Burgundy
PhotobucketI didn’t do a photo with a top coat this time, but I did try the matte coat. Unlike matte black, this is a little more matte when dry, but still more of a satin finish. The color looks like a chocolate/raspberry wine (can you tell when I post while hungry?). These polishes are great with coverage and only require two coats.

Photobucket Photobucket
2 coats left flash, right no flash
Photobucket Photobucket
With top coat, left flash, right no flash
Photobucket Photobucket
With China Glaze Magic Matte top coat, left flash, right no flash

Matte Mulberry
This again, was a color that was hard to capture on camera. What did I say? Anything that includes a hint of pink becomes a photography rebel. The color is a bit in the middle of the flash and no flash. This was similar to the matte black, in that it was more of a satin finish at first.

Photobucket Photobucket
Left flash, right no flash
Plum Pie in the Sky
My all time favorite of the bunch. This is the perfect plum color that I have been needing in my life. This is not a matte, and I didn’t try it as one either, but come on! How gorj!

Tried these yet? Want to?

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Artist Summit Miami – Inglot/NOTD

PhotobucketI missed the chance to give you the scoop about Inglot coming to NYC a while back (summer to be precise). Around the time of the first Bloggin’ Beauts get together, the makeup brand with hues in the 100s under their belt opened their US flagship store in the Times Square neighborhood of my beloved Big Apple. (The store @ 1592 Broadway (between 47th and 48th Street) open 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.!!)

When I started planning my Florida trip for the Artist Summit in Miami, no one could have been any more excited than I when I heard that Inglot was making an appearance.

A Polish brand, slowly making their mark all across the continents, they have been present in the world as a brand for a quarter of a decade and counting. They are creators to over 390 shades for your eyes, and over 200 for your pretty nails. Soon, they’ll probably have just as many stores for each color.

About Inglot Cosmetics:

INGLOT Cosmetics was established over 20 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist at the time working in Research & Development for a pharmaceutical company. INGLOT Cosmetics was founded on the principles of combining the most advanced technology and highest quality materials to produce the world’s most unique beauty products. The company’s point of difference is the freedom and flexibility for individuals to mix and match their own color line from the huge collection of colors. At present, INGLOT has one of the most extensive color ranges of cosmetic collections in the world and works with the best makeup artists to bring the latest trends in colors, textures and form of cosmetics to the market. With several new significant projects being fine tuned in the labs at the moment, coming months will see the introduction of a number of new and innovative products. All INGLOT Cosmetics are produced in the European Union and over 95% of them in INGLOT’s own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Their Canadian website has some info about stores but not products. Their Malta site has some galleries, and the Australian site is under construction… but alas, none with e-commerce. And the one we’ve all been waiting for? The US store is in the works, but plenty beauty bloggers and product junkies alike have been promised progress, and quick!

Until then, enjoy the images I got for ya, and my two NOTD’s for my nail-a-day challenge from their polish (with more on the way). Photos on the left are without flash, photos on right are with flash.

single eyeshadow pans (the refillable choices for palettes is the main pic)

lip gloss pots and trio color cubes

mineral shadows

Photobucket Photobucket
Inglot Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish in 709

Photobucket Photobucket
Inglot Cosmetics Matte Nail Polish in 722

These polishes are called matte but I would call them semi-matte, as they are flatter than a cream, but more satin-y than a normal matte.

I thought the polish looked like a yellow peanut M&M candy, so I had to buy a pack to compare. It was a little bit lighter, but way too fun… & yummy! 🙂

Heard about Inglot yet? Like it?

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NOTD mashup

My Own Judge Nail ChallengeAs you read this, I will be attempting to be a snazzy paintball shooter. I have never tried, but I envision myself to go in and knock everyone out like a sniper. I might just come back sad and bruised, but as I continue my Nail-a-Day challenge, and try to catch up with the days I owe ya, I’ll keep the digits soft, unscathed, and unbruised.

Want to take part of this challenge? Everyone is welcome – even if you extend your -a-day part with a week or a-every other day! 🙂

Send me your mani pics, and I’ll feature them as part of the challenge. I’m sure by end of each month, I can scrounge up some fancy polishes as a reward for the most original submission(s)! 🙂

Read on to see all the colors that I sported, and let me know which is your fave. For reference, whenever there are two pictures, the one on the left is without flash, and the one on the right is with.

Beauty Rush Velvetini Beauty Rush Velvetini
Victoria’s Secret, Beauty Rush in Velvetini
This one is a bit difficult to apply, but I will do a separate review of this line a bit later. The color is very pretty in the bottle and with flash, but extremely hard to capture with either regular camera, or with the naked eye after more than one coat (which is necessary).

Barielle Shades Grape Escape Barielle Shades Grape Escape
Shades by Barielle, in Grape Escape
This one was totally stolen from my fellow Bloggin’ Beaut, Britt from ClumpsofMascara. I knew that this bad boy had to travel to the Big Apple ever since she posted about it, but now I’m not sure if I’ll send it back to the orange state. (Okay I will, relax!). The color is an amazing vibrant purple and is not like any other I have seen.

Barielle Shades Sweet Addiction Barielle Shades Sweet Addiction
Shades by Barielle, in Sweet Addiction
Such a pleasant green, that I’m ssssweetly addicted. :)~ Yet another win win from Shades by Barielle. I’m not sure what had my nail lumpy in the picture without flash, but it seemed to have gone away with flash. The green though? Super minty and melon-y. Just enough bright to be reminiscent of warmer weather, but appropriate still to be fashionably forward in the office.

And now this… is just a tease of polishes to come. My other Bloggin’ compadre, over from VampyVarnish posted about these polishes not found in the US, and I was so enamored that I scampered over to eBay to get them right away. I used my Ebates account when doing so, so I already got money back for my purchase, but the polishes are reward enough themselves!

MyOwnJudge Guppy Polishes

Which one is your favorite? Any requests?

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This isn’t really a look, as much as it is for the eyes.

This is what I had on when I went shopping with Miss B from ClumpsOfMascara. We did a little shopping damage around 34th street.

With the warm weather coming on (finally) I am starting to use bronzer and blush more now than ever, and I am breaking out all the bright shadows. I usually incorporate them a little bit every here and there, but once the weather is less frigid, I feel like it is a prerequisite for a day’s outing.

And then some silly shots. Took these in Duane Reade as I was charging my iPhone waiting for Miss B. My iPhone loses the charge practically every four-six hours!!

I didn’t take a picture of what I used, but I guess I could if people want it (you don’t do you? :)~ ). I used colors from the eBay 40 color palette, the Lancome Oscillating mascara, Shadow Insurance, and Too Faced, MAC blush in Dainty, and I forgot what MAC product I used for bronzer (it’s been a long weekend!).

And how long has it been since a yaya inspiration board? This one is purple themed, and is a party to beach in mind.

Watcha think?

TARDY: Fat Tuesday//Mardi Gras EOTD

So yesterday was Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras (Wikipedia: Fat Tuesday). This was the first time that I did anything or was involved in anything. My coworker treated the whole staff to King cake (another tradition I was unawares to). She also treated us to beads (no topless acts included). The colors of the beads inspired an EOTD – below.

Grabbing the Slice

Makeup Forever (MUFE) Flash Color in Fard Gras as base (Sephora)
Milani E/S Palette in 10 Haute Couture (CVS)
Chanel Inimitable Mascara in 10 Black(Macy’s)
Sephora Smudge Brush #14 (Sephora)

Still getting used to the right way to photograph as well as edit and post, so bear with me! 🙂

All this excitement also made me create an inspiration
board of sorts for Mardi Gras. Tell me what you think.

What did you do yesterday? Do you have any Mardi Gras stories/looks?