Chanukah Giveaways

MOJ 8 Chanukah NightsAs some of you may know, I am Jewish. So when lots of people start humming Silent Night, I am bouncing along with Adam Sandler‘s Eight Crazy Nights. Being around so many people that celebrate Christmas though, I got used to giving out gifts later than what I was used to. But this year? Well this year I have my own blog, and for y’all that don’t celebrate Chanukah, this will get you some extra X-mas gifts!

For the next 8 days (December 12-19, 2009), I will be announcing daily giveaways at 8pm EST. Each day, there will be more prizes (i.e. on the first day there will be one winner and on the sixth there will be six). Make sense?

I will be posting details on the blog & some of the days will involve Twitter or Facebook.

Want to learn about the holiday? Click here or here. Check out the Adam Sandler video after the jump as well!

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