Packing makeup with the Z Palette

I’ve previously mentioned the ease of combining your favorite makeup with the Z Palette, but I really put it to good use when I started packing for my trip.


Check out all the goodies I packed away into my Z Palette. I posted my review of the palette here. I managed to fit NARS (middle row left ), Inglot (bottom row left), Makeup Forever (top row), Stila (half pan middle row right), Estee Lauder (tiny rectangles, middle row), Tarte (squares on bottom row right), and Yaby (tiny circles) into it. That would’ve taken me six separate palettes from each brand if I didn’t have my Z Palette with me. I wrapped it in bubble wrap, and when I come back I will let you know if we traveled safe together or not!

What’s your makeup on the go secret?
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