Chanukah Giveaway Day 4

PhotobucketDay Four and as this post is scheduled to post, I am hopefully relaxing on a beach far far away from the frigid weather I escaped for a bit under two weeks.

Four entrants will get a Tarte Lifted Natral Eye Primer. Again, an all natural product for ya to use as a base for all your fabulous holiday and future looks.

MOJ Chanukah Giveaway

Even though my family is Jewish, growing up (more my family than me) in the Soviet Union, we have kept up with the tradition of keeping a Christmas tree in the house. But in Russian, it’s called a New Year’s tree and frankly, holds no religious affiliation. Our tree has various colors and the house is decorated with a Menorah and plenty a polar bear and snowman. Check out the MOJ Facebook page and let me know what kind of holiday traditions y’all are keeping in your family, and you might win!
Remember only Facebook fans will be able to win!

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