Neckin’ on the Covers

Magazine WeekendThe maxi necklace. The bib. The multi-chain. Starting to sound familiar? I’m talking about the new craze to dress up the necks of day workers and debutantes alike.

I remember when layering two necklaces was a big deal following after Miss Carrie a la Sex in the City. Following the bigger is better mentality, us gals have kept up with the trend. Right? I have.

There are the necklaces with mixed beads and materials looking like bibs (and thus aptly named so) with a piece of felt usually holding the design together, wrapping around you with a ribbon. Then there are the stone ones, garnering plenty attention, looking like something from the Queen’s collection. Then there are the gaggles of chains collected together, sometimes mixed with rhinestones, pearls, and various stones, looking like a gem filled string of sausage links. Of course, that can spread to multi strands at different layers, encompassing the whole area of your upper body, and the list continues forever.

So you can imagine my enjoyment when I was trolling my favorite magazine sites Cover Awards and MagXone to see so many winter covers sport the various styles.

Magazine Weekend

Most of the covers are international glossies, but a lot are well known publications that grace the coffee tables (and sometimes little girl rooms) of you and I.

Magazine Weekend

I love this style of necklaces because they create such a huge statement, that you don’t need much else in the accessories field. You might even need minimal work in the outfit as well depending on how far the necklace extends. Such strong styles usually warrant a simple top. They look great with shift dresses, solid colors, and strapless tops. I’ve started playing around with the necklaces that have separate strands hanging out and trying to wear them with V-neck tops. It’s been a hit or miss so far though, because sometimes it looks overdone, and sometimes it’s the bees knees. But you already know the deal – I’ll be my own judge!

Do you have any favorites? Own a necklace of the sort? See similar covers? Let me know!

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