Versace Menswear Trends

MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearThe Versace menswear runway was ripe with green lights for trends in menswear that were once considered strictly for females.The pastel suit above isn’t really new, but the tailoring and monochromatic styling is definitely current. The neutral tone accents work perfectly with the outfit and would compliment any skin tone (the yellow is also ideal to bring out a tan!).MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearEnter the high-waist pant. I smell trouble for this, considering that there is different packaging on the guys vs. the gals. Thoughts?MyOwnJudge Versace Fashion Show MenswearLast but not least, my favorite bright color pairing! The vibrant pink and orange duo has been famous for years now, and doesn’t look too shabby on a fella (although this is way brighter than on a female, when taking into account the fact that sleeves and full length pants hold lots more fabric than a minidress).

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Lip Service

MyOwnJudge - Lip TrendsThe magazines and websites are ablaze with lip colors that are trending this season. The truth of the matter is that anything bright is on par with the trends. The standout colors shouldn’t be too surprising, as they always peek their heads out as soon as the sun comes out to play for real. Case in point: orange and pink. A newcomer to the popular table is the lilac and purple lipstick. Let’s blame it on the gals who take the stage in costumes your mother would never advise you wear. As far as the red – well that one never goes out of style. A bright red lip is a bad-mamajama all year, come rain sleet or snow (and unlike the postal service, it doesn’t take days off).

I love the orange trend the most because a lot of the times it comes off as a red depending on what shade you get it in, and how you wear it, and it makes your teeth look brighter than your toothpaste ever could. Though I have favorite lipsticks for all of the shades, the hands down winner is the selection of colors by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics with their Lip Tars. The best thing with them is that you can even mix them to customize your own color.

p.s. I had to add a celebrity example in a variety of skin tones because I don’t want to hear anyone say the color doesn’t look good on their skin. Retire that mindset!

Which color tickles your fancy the most?

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Green Queens

MyOwnJudgeIt’s not just the environment that is waiting for everyone to go green – the dresses are patiently waiting too! A fresh color for the fall/winter wardrobe comes in a variety of shades – take olive, bright green, pastel, or a mix of green and blue as just a few examples. Then of course, we have to consider that this is one of those colors to flatter all skin types and body shapes. It has now entered the purple and black group.

Check out celebs Olivia Munn, Rose McGowan, Monica Cruz (yes Penelope‘s sister) and the Hilton sisters strut their stuff in green at various functions this November.

Photo Credit: Phun and Zimbio Graphics Courtesy of

If you want to break out some green for your holiday camera screen (sorry I just had to make it rhyme), remember that the cold weather cannot get you down. Don some opaque black leggings (or even yellow or turquoise if you dare) with booties or heels and a jacket. When you relinquish your outerwear, the crowd will surely ooh and ahh as if you are the holly straight off the tree. Don’t have any of the sort? Check out the below selection to get your shopping cart rolling (they’re all under $50 to take into mind your holiday shopping list needs).

All the above looks are below $50 and each image is linked to the appropriate retailer. Anything catch your eye? Let me know!

Do you have anything green in your closet to rock for the holidays?

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There is No New Black

MyOwnJudgeAlmost every ‘it’ color has experienced a period of time when it was proclaimed to be the new black. Bright hues, duller variations, everything has had it’s day, but black? Black is an everlasting constant. No matter when and where someone may announce a color as the new black, black itself never loses it’s place or recognition.

Photo Credit: The Phun and HotCelebsHome                                 Graphics Courtesy of

As fall is rapidly threatening to transform into winter any day now, the flimsy bright fabrics that were a summer staple flap in the wind as the temperatures drop. Longer sleeves and sturdier fabrics like wool are warranted. The lucky fashionistas closer to the equator probably don’t ever have to worry about significant drops, but closets feel it universally.

When the weather switches, collections often take a turn to darker tones for fabrics. Black is frowned upon in the summer because of it’s propensity to attract sunlight and thus, heat, but in the colder months, well – that’s optimal! But how do you stand out in a sea of black pantsuits and dresses? It’s all in the details. Whether you want an architectural twist with sharp angles and nips in unexpected places (see Kourtney above, or Eva below), or you’re more of a shine girl with belts and sequins (Khloe, Kim, Olivia), the standout feature is the detail on the outfit. The contrast of one detail to the other is what draws the eye to the outfit (and the pretty face rockin’ it!). If your outfit lacks details, but is warm and/or slimming (as black garments often are), make up for it with some killer accessories.MyOwnJudgeEva Longoria-Parker was showing some serious leg at the European MTV Awards, while the Kardashian sisters battled the chilly weather in New York for the launch of their Northeast Dash addition.

Both divas adhered to the rule of showing skin on one half of the body and covering up the opposite, but with a twist. The dresses have peekaboo backs, with sheer insets. The best about baring so much leg is the elongated effect you have when pairing the short length with sky high heels. You could even take a page from Eva‘s book and add some serious gold shimmer or a bronzer to the front of your legs for even more attention and definition.

With that said, I’d like to know who rocked the black mini dress better. Was it Eva with the satin shine and updo or Kim with the sequin number and casual long locks (even longer than usual, too!)?MyOwnJudgeA closer look at the makeup. The two rocked similar looks, though Eva‘s contains more gold in the powder and the gloss, whereas Kim‘s has more of a peach undertone on the cheeks. The lashes are also different, with Kim rocking her signature all over, extra lash.

Who wins in your book; Eva or Kim?

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Denim x Denim

MOJ Denim Trends?

One of the new trends coming out for the still questionable spring (questionable by the snow flurries outside my window…) is denim squared. The pairing of denim as a bottom with a denim for the top.

Continuously recycled, the trend fades in and out of the spotlight with plenty of ease, especially with the continued popularity of denim overall. Did you go through a period of a denim jacket with perfectly color matched denim jeans when you were a wee lad in school? I remember my denim jacket lasting from elementary school (third grade) all the way through to high school. I might even still have it in my closet. Honestly though, this is a trend I’ve always had difficulty with.

Ever since I was a big girl enough to buy clothes with my hard earned money (as of age 14 thankyouverymuch) I have yet to pull off a denim top and a denim bottom. It feels like either too much or too off for me.

Care to experiment? I like  MyTrueFit‘s post about double denim and the images and tips for pulling it off.

How do you rock your double denim? Are you accepting of this as a spring trend?

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Neckin’ on the Covers

Magazine WeekendThe maxi necklace. The bib. The multi-chain. Starting to sound familiar? I’m talking about the new craze to dress up the necks of day workers and debutantes alike.

I remember when layering two necklaces was a big deal following after Miss Carrie a la Sex in the City. Following the bigger is better mentality, us gals have kept up with the trend. Right? I have.

There are the necklaces with mixed beads and materials looking like bibs (and thus aptly named so) with a piece of felt usually holding the design together, wrapping around you with a ribbon. Then there are the stone ones, garnering plenty attention, looking like something from the Queen’s collection. Then there are the gaggles of chains collected together, sometimes mixed with rhinestones, pearls, and various stones, looking like a gem filled string of sausage links. Of course, that can spread to multi strands at different layers, encompassing the whole area of your upper body, and the list continues forever.

So you can imagine my enjoyment when I was trolling my favorite magazine sites Cover Awards and MagXone to see so many winter covers sport the various styles.

Magazine Weekend

Most of the covers are international glossies, but a lot are well known publications that grace the coffee tables (and sometimes little girl rooms) of you and I.

Magazine Weekend

I love this style of necklaces because they create such a huge statement, that you don’t need much else in the accessories field. You might even need minimal work in the outfit as well depending on how far the necklace extends. Such strong styles usually warrant a simple top. They look great with shift dresses, solid colors, and strapless tops. I’ve started playing around with the necklaces that have separate strands hanging out and trying to wear them with V-neck tops. It’s been a hit or miss so far though, because sometimes it looks overdone, and sometimes it’s the bees knees. But you already know the deal – I’ll be my own judge!

Do you have any favorites? Own a necklace of the sort? See similar covers? Let me know!

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LG of the Jury: Sock It To Me!

When people speak of fashion faux pas and crimes, they often mention socks with sandals amidst the top five. I have to admit that personally, when I see socks with sandals I cringe a bit.

The trend has morphed a bit with the presence of colored stockings with summer shoes as the weather gets cold. So is there a difference?

Kate Spade lookbooks have always caught my fancy for their penchant for bright colors and using a diverse group of models in both ethnicity and age (I love me a grandma in a bright orange peacoat). The same with J. Crew. Their photos of short socks with sandals have yet to convince me though. Which brings me to the return of Ladies & Gents of the Jury.

The trend is not new of course. You can see plenty of images of a geisha wearing socks with thong slippers, and others through history. Check the runway? Burberry models were rocking the socks with sandals and even on top of stockings.


So Ladies & Gents of the Jury, what’s your verdict?

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No, It’s a Rental

PhotobucketIt’s a true change in times when anyone can afford a $8000 handbag. Or at least think of purchasing it. The idea of said purchase is no longer left to the well off and hoity toity :). Interns at fashion publications sport the same luxury brand stunners on their arms, and feet as their superiors (not to mention paid superiors).

Some of it may be blamed on us turning into a material society. Where we live too much in the moment and care too much about brands and quantity.

But it can also refer to our penchant to rent. When I was conceiving this post in my mind, I started a week long research project online about rentals, and was surprised to see how many I found. Continue reading to see the highlights of my search, and let me know if you know of some I didn’t.

Enter the courtroom:

formerly known as Bag Borrow or Steal

another site where you can rent handbags

yet another site where you can rent bags

where renting shoes is just as easily done as with bags – founded by Kim Kardashian

completing your outfit with the borrowed accessories

But what are you without the clothes?

finally – a complete outfit to solve the Emperor’s dilemma

I honestly, haven’t tried to use any rental services for anything (not even a car!). Tell me about your experiences. Have you tried any of these websites, or in person stores? Do you plan to? Know someone who has?

Magazine Weekend: Allure August ’09

Happy Saturday!

Magazine Weekend is fully underway!

The clip for today is from Allure magazine for August 09. This issue was super great. I was excited to read their timeline – as they always have it every month – this one was about haircuts. Always exciting about what history can tell you about our habits.

The article I found most interesting was about the trend of one arm tops and dresses. I have been studying this trend and preparing a post about it for so long, but every time I read a magazine they take my ideas right from under me! Baring Armsthe Right to Bare ArmsGiving the Cold Shoulder. All of ’em! 🙂

So then what better to do than to bring you the magazine’s genius?

If you like this tidbit as much as I did – get yourself a magazine!


and of course I had to put my on twist on thaaangs with an Inspiration Board.

Shoot me an e-mail to if you would like me to explore other/have topics and/or magazines, or for general opinions of what’s in magazine weekend.

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