The Cereal Made Me!

My Own JudgeAs I continue my nonresolution of bettering my eating habits and fitness program, I find that I can find support and information everywhere. I find it on websites, blogs, Twitter, conversations with friends, magazines, television, etc. Even advertisements are offering advice.

How can you lack education in this field with so much available to you?

This morning, I was munching on some childhood fave Honey Nut Cheerios. Now let me tell y’all this, despite their claims for heart health, some of the Cheerios sport higher levels of sugar than a healthier version of granola or such may give you, BUT it’s hella tasty and is a better alternative than sugar filled concoctions that have the colors of the rainbow and promises of fruit. Anyway, I’m notorious for reading packaging from expiration date to UPC code when at a loss of other reading materials, and this time I had some good material!

Check out some of the tips I got on the left and after the jump:

They must have some good writers, because they were a level or three higher than the usual roll my eyes tips I read elsewhere.

My Own Judge
Second image is a bit fuzztacular. Sorry!

Does your cereal motivate you to be healthy (or healthier)? Where do you learn your tips from?

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