The Celebrity Crush

I will be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy knack for being in someone’s business. Not people I know though. I respect their privacy and try to stay away from turning into a gossip. But celebrities? I can probably rattle off their information as easily as my address.

I also create the weirdest scenarios in my head. Don’t know why I do it, but let’s play along for now, mmkay? I like to say ‘so and so looks a lot like so and so’s brother, if he had one.’ This makes it even more complex than necessary but happens naturally. Just like this situation here. I was making my rounds through the stack of mags I always have nearby and thought, well hmm Avril Lavigne looks a lot like the bad girl personality of Taylor Swift if she had one. You know – if you had a devil and angel pop up on each shoulder…

Photobucket Photobucket

Or maybe even as a vampire version of her?

I don’t know why we are so often fascinated with celebrity life – I’m sure a shrink could educate me some on the given topic. But until my lesson, do y’all have weird celebrity quirks? Do you agree with this scenario? Let me know!

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