NOTD – OPI Blast From the Past

PhotobucketI was trying to log in all the colors and brands that I have in my collection last week and apart from the fact that the mission failed miserably, my silver lining was unearthing polishes I forgot I owned.

I saw colors that I remember paying an arm and a leg for (you know – before I ever heard of 8ty8 Beauty or Head2Toe Beauty as my cheap fix). The first one that (re)took my breath away was OPI My Private Jet. As far as I know this baby was discontinued two or three years ago, but I’m sure there is plenty a handy Google-er reading here that will find it if the need arises.

The color sparked my interest for holo-like polishes before I was even aware they had their own category.

Have you ever tried this color? Had a flashback of your own? Share with the court!

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4 thoughts on “NOTD – OPI Blast From the Past”

  1. Hey Miss Yaya, I have My Private Jet… but it's not this original holo version. OPI discontinued that one, but they have released at least two (maybe more) other versions of MPJ. I have one that is a blackish base with a reddish glow and gold/silver micro, micro shimmers in it. Even though it's not holo, it's still a gorgeous polish, and this version is still available at a couple places around me here in NC (as well as at some, but not all, of the cheapie e-tailers). 🙂


  2. hey Jennifer. I hear about the newer MPJ versions being a bit different in color but I didn't realize the difference was such a huge one! Do you have a picture of yours? Would love to see!


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