Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out 1/2 off!

MOJ Shecky's DiscountI’ve previously alerted you to the Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out events happening all over the US and of the good times and goodies I got from attending, so what could make me happier than letting you know the tickets are half off? Not much really. Unless you promise to go with me next time.

Check out the list of locations where the events will be and let me know if you plan to go. Shecky’s also offers party planning services and has Beauty and Holiday Nights Out in addition to the fabulous Girl’s Night Out. What else? They have a newsletter that they cater as much as possible to you and your location. Once in a while I get an e-mail with new and tried and true bar/lounge recommendations that I forward to my gal pals. I usually end up looking like the genius master planner with nary an effort.

MOJ Shecky's Discount

Do you have a Shecky’s success story? Planning to go?

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