Shecky’s Does It Again

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I am working on making my summer a bit more memorable with every year. This year, my summer started with a hitch as I was taken underwater with my temporary job.The hours and the workload worked well together to keep me complaining, working, catching up on sleep, and bills.

For some people that’s not a problem, as a matter of fact, it is a way of life. But for little Miss Yaya? Doesn’t work! I am the type to brood and whine until things change.

Funny you mention wine…

Known for their wine tasting trips and Girl’s and Beauty Nights Out, Shecky’s is back with Toasts and Tastings. A night out for wine and food tastings from restaurants and brands all alike in being scrum-diddly-umptious :). The event is going on tonight and tomorrow night from 5-10pm, at the Altman building on 135 E18th St, between 6th and 7th Avenues. I will be attending tomorrow and hope to see you there!

Shecky's Toasts and TastingsThe tickets were originally selling for $45, but of course I got the discount for you. If you enter ‘SHECKYS‘ your tickets will be $35. It usually doesn’t pay to be tardy to the party, but this time it does! Once you sign up with the site, you will also get points for attending events and keeping an up to date profile. What will the points get you? Awesome freebies varying from goodie bags to tickets to various Shecky’s events.

I’m super excited and will come back with all the delicious feedback and news. Will I see you there?

Have you ever been to a wine/food tasting?

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Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out Goodies

MOJ Bath by RileyThe Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out event is coming up (March 9-12) and I wanted to rave about one of the products I came across the last time I was at this event. Bath by Riley is the cutest company I have ever seen. You know the niche market of ladies having all the products they need in a much more ladylike and cutesy way? Think Juicy Couture, Miss Dior, etc.

When I was at the Girl’s Night Out, I came across Hand Candies and fell in love at first sight. Not enough words can describe how cute.

What is it? You probably want to choke me for the build up, but look. Y’all would be short for words too.

MOJ Bath by Riley

Hand Candies are basically little squares of body scrub wrapped as a candy. Take heed in the warning on the website! These look yummy and smell equally so, but they are not for consumption!! They are perfect for trying different flavors without committing to a big bottle of body scrub at a time – and how great is it that there are 40 different flavors of these? Also – these work best with traveling and if you are a stickler for not wanting to dilute your scrub like me. I really hate when my bottles get soaked with running water from the shower as I decide how much scrub I want to use, leave it open etc. The other great side? They are dry little squares, so you really don’t get stuck losing a dollop and staring at the floor of your tub wistfully with sadness deep in your heart.

MOJ Bath by Riley

At the event, all the lucky guys and gals passing the table saw Hand Candies in bowls separated by flavor. At the end of the table there was a big sink where you can sample a hand candy. The sampling was the reason why I bought ten hand candies right away you guys. This scrub is not only a highly effective scrub, but it also contains lotion. My hands were so soft after using the scrub that I kept telling my friend to touch them. She wanted to clobber me, but I wanted more Bath by Riley!

If you make it to Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out (and I would so love to meet you if you do), you won’t be seeing Bath by Riley until later in the year. You can check which events they will be gracing here. I can’t wait to see what brands and products will rock my world in less than a week from now!

Have you tried Bath by Riley? Are you going to Girl’s Night Out?

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Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out 1/2 off!

MOJ Shecky's DiscountI’ve previously alerted you to the Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out events happening all over the US and of the good times and goodies I got from attending, so what could make me happier than letting you know the tickets are half off? Not much really. Unless you promise to go with me next time.

Check out the list of locations where the events will be and let me know if you plan to go. Shecky’s also offers party planning services and has Beauty and Holiday Nights Out in addition to the fabulous Girl’s Night Out. What else? They have a newsletter that they cater as much as possible to you and your location. Once in a while I get an e-mail with new and tried and true bar/lounge recommendations that I forward to my gal pals. I usually end up looking like the genius master planner with nary an effort.

MOJ Shecky's Discount

Do you have a Shecky’s success story? Planning to go?

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Shecky’s & Style Fixx Girls Night Out Goodies

After letting y’all know I was headed out to all sorts of fancy events, you think I’d just leave you out in the cold without any info?! No no!

To maximize on time I ended up going to both events in one night with a galpal, and boy were we tired afterward!


I went to this event first because it was only a two day availability. The floor was packed with vendors vying for your business. The mix was a pleasant one of beauty and fashion, with beauties like Eve Pearl, Emmy award winning makeup artist, Kara Janx fashion designer from Project Runway, and many more.

Photobucket PhotobucketI went to the events after work and was present sans makeup. So I must’ve paled a bit next to Ever Pearl (left), and that’s Kara on the right.

The bar had a fab selection of drinks (the event was 21+ after all!) and my favorite of the night was the X Rated Fusion Liquor Martini with passionfruit & mango flavoring in it.


This event was bigger than the first in many ways. The goody bag and the venue held a lot more companies, and this event lasted five total days (and is also available in more locations). There was teeth bleaching and beer tasting available, along with personalized cell phone covers, lingerie, etc.

The Verdict:
I honestly think both events are a must go. The Style Fixx event is newer in age and is thus growing in size and event locations. Both events have vendors I didn’t hear of, and the only vendor they both had was hair strengthening services. If I had to choose one event to go to, I would sign up to be a Shecky’s insider to get in for free with general admission and skip on the goody bag and pay for my StyleFixx ticket with goody bag.

Both events were extremely great at bringing brands that people weren’t familiar with and had a great mix as I’ve mentioned previously. This isn’t a pop up version of a mall y’all. If we are to support local businesses and find new things everyday, then these two Girl’s Nights Out is where we need to be!

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Week of Nights Out

This week is a surefire week to get your pockets thinning. As Halloween threatens it’s sugary tricks and treats with the October dates ticking away, companies are putting together various events as the last hurrah before shoppers begin to hibernate and order online through the chilly weather.

I’ll be at most of these events, and I’m sharing witcha, because it’d be great to see you too!

All of you non-NY bunnies, don’t you fear! The first two events are available in various cities across the US, so just click on the image to see which is closest to you, and when!


Style Fixx Girl’s Night Out

Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out

Nails Night Out NYC

Where will you be on the Nights Out??

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Shecky’s Girls Night Out

Have y’all ever heard about Girl’s Night Out? It’s a beauty and fashion event that goes on in many states all over the country (see? not just NY this time!) with beauty and fashion vendors vying for your attention in one space.

Here are the locations they are in so far (you can recommend cities as well):

The best thing about it is that it’s basically a specialty mall for you, with nothing generic and a new find around every bend. In addition to that, they make sure to get you all liquored up, and have tickets that include goodie bags. Tell me that’s not the perfect Girl’s Night Out!

Go ahead and click on the banner below before you wait too long. Click on the image on my site and Shecky’s will know that yaya sent ya!

There is one coming up in New York though:

Date: Mon.-Fri., Oct. 19th-23rd, 2009
Time: 5pm-10pm
Place: The Puck Building
293 Lafayette St. (@ Houston St)

Continue reading to see a video from a past Girl’s Night Out.

Shecky’s Girls Night Out from Shecky’s on Vimeo.

Let me know if you’re coming, I’d love to meet y’all!

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